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A New And Improved Direct Consolidation Loan Web Site!

PublicationDate: 12/27/99
Summary: A New And Improved Direct Consolidation Loan Web Site!
Author: DLTF - Direct Loan Task Force

December 27, 1999

Dear Partner:

A New And Improved Direct Consolidation Loan Web Site!
Consolidation has just become friendlier! We now have a new web site that assists borrowers, schools and loan holders with loan consolidation. The address is

Enjoy These Features
Our customers (borrowers) and partners (schools and loan holders) can enjoy:
· more information than ever before
· a new user-friendly format that makes information clear and easy to find
· three distinct channels that cater to the specific needs of our customers and partners:
Ø Borrower Services. Highlights things to consider before consolidating, the benefits of consolidation, eligibility requirements, tools for an easier process, etc.
Ø School Services. Highlights the consolidation process, schools involvement in the process, the effects of consolidation on loan limits and default ratios, etc.
Ø Loan Holder Services. Highlights the processes of certification, payment, overpayments, underpayments, etc.

In addition, our customers and partners can:
· Apply on-line with our On-line Application and Promissory Note
· Calculate a weighted average interest rate and monthly payments under each of our repayment plans with our Interactive Calculator
· Download consolidation Forms and Publications
· Obtain answers to Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)
· Keep up-to date with new and upcoming services and events with What’s New and On the Horizon
· Contact Us via email and receive a response within 48 hours
· Link to other related sites

Let Us Know What You Think
If you have any suggestions regarding this web site or have other questions regarding Direct Consolidation Loans, let us know:

· Phone 1-800-557-7392 (1-800-557-7395 TDD)
8am to 8pm (EST), Monday through Friday
· E-mail
· Web
· Mail U.S. Department of Education
Consolidation Department
Loan Origination Center
P.O. Box 1723
Montgomery, AL 36102-1723


Denise Leifeste
Direct Consolidation Loans

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