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Y2K Testing with the CPS

PublicationDate: 12/23/99
Summary: Y2K Testing with the CPS
Author: CPS - Central Processing System (CPS)

Posted on December 23, 1999

TO: All Destination Points
FROM: CPS Customer Service
RE: Y2K Testing with the CPS
DATE: 12/23/1999

The Central Processing System (CPS) has determined many destination points
performing the Y2K School testing are still sending test batches into the
CPS using production message classes. These Y2K test batches are sent under
the EAPS00IN production message class instead of the YR2K00IN message class.
This message contains instructions to assist you in exporting the Y2K test
file from your EDExpress software, and instructions about transmitting the
file correctly with your EDConnect software.

In 32-bit EDconnect, the message class that should be selected for the
Electronic Application Y2K testing is YR2K00IN. Directions for manually
setting up a transmission in 32-bit EDconnect for a YR2K00IN file are listed
below. For assistance with these steps, call Title IV WAN Customer Service
at 1-800-615-1189.

How to manually add transmissions to the 32-bit EDconnect Transmission

1) Move your cursor to the first blank line in the transmission queue.
2) Click in each empty column starting from the far left.
3) After clicking in an empty column field a down arrow will appear,
clicking on this button will expand the drop down menu for the options of
each field.
4) Select the applicable option for each column. For Y2K Application
testing please select "Send" under Activity, "CPS" under Project, "99-00"
under Cycle, "99-00 Y2K Application Input" under Description, and "YR2K00IN"
under Message Class.
5) When you reach the "File Name" field a pop up window will list all the
files for the particular message class that you are sending. The file with
the highest numbered extension (i.e.. .001, .002, .003) is the latest file.
Files that end in ".dat" are the files that were created first.
6) You are now ready to send your file(s). Go to the top of the 32-bit
EDconnect screen and click on Transmission | Now. When the dialog box "Save
Changes to Transmission Queue" appears, click on "Yes". You will hear your
modem dial into the Title IV WAN network to send your file(s).

Please take extreme care when conducting your Y2K testing with the CPS.
Remember the following steps should be followed when exporting the Y2K test
file from EDExpress:

1) Change your system date to February 29, 2000.
2) Enter the 12 FAFSA applications.
3) Make sure to turn off the "Export to EDConnect" feature to avoid sending
the file under the incorrect message class in 32-bit EDConnect. To turn off
this feature, go to Tools | Setup | Global | Security Users. Locate your
user ID, and remove the check in the "Export to EDConnect" box. Click on the
Save button to save this change. (You will have to exit the software and
then log in again in order for this change to take place.)
4) To export, go to File | Export | App Express | Applications - Initial.
5) Click on File. The Save As window is displayed. Go to the File Name
window. Press the delete key and type YR2K00IN.DAT. Click on the Save
6) The main Export window is displayed. The File window contains the export
path and correct message class. (Example: C:
7) The test batch has now been properly exported, and you are now ready to
go to 32-bit Edconnect..

If you have any questions pertaining to entering or exporting the test
cases, please call CPS Customer Service at 800/330-5947. As January 1st
approaches, CPS Customer Service is experiencing high volumes of calls
regarding Y2K testing with the Central Processing System. FOR FASTEST
SERVICE WITH Y2K ISSUES, please select option 2 for Application Processing
issues, and then choose option 1 from the next menu for assistance with
Certification Testing.

You will not be charged for CPS Y2K test-related calls to CPS or Title IV
Wan Customer Service.

Last Modified: 12/22/1999