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Shipment of Bulk Publication Orders During the Holidays

PublicationDate: 12/23/99
Summary: Shipment of Bulk Publication Orders During the Holidays
Author: SAIS - Student Aid Information Service

Posted December 23, 1999

Dear Partner,

In recent years we have not shipped bulk orders of application materials (FAFSAs, Student Guides, etc.) during the holiday season, since many schools are closed during this period. (In earlier years, holiday shipments were often returned to us and had to be re-shipped later when school offices were again open for business.)

However, we are also aware that some schools will have staff available to sign for and receive shipments of 2000-2001 application materials over the holidays. If there will be someone at your school to receive an order over the holidays, we will be glad to send it. You can let us know by calling our Bulk Publication Ordering System at 1-800-394-7084 to tell us that you will be able to accept delivery during this period (from December 20 through December 30).

You may also make arrangements for delivery at an alternate address on your campus if your office will be closed during the holidays but someone at that alternate address will be available to receive the shipment.

To help you determine whether you will be available to receive a delivery over the holidays, please see the estimated delivery times below for various areas if the country, and note that there are no Saturday, Sunday, or holiday deliveries.

We will resume regular shipments the week after Christmas, and schools will start receiving those regular shipments on January 3.

Jeanne Van Vlandren
General Manager for Students

PA, NJ, MD, DC, DE, Northern VA

NY, MI, IN, OH, KY, TN, NC, SC, CT, MA, RI, VT, NH, WV, Southern ME, Southwestern VA

IL, MO, FL, WI, IA, GA, AR, LA, MS, AL, Northern ME, Eastern KS, MN (except for northwestern corner)

Eastern Colorado, Western KS, SD, NE, OK, Northeast TX, Eastern ND

CA (except for Sierra Nevada region), TX (Panhandle, West, and South), WA, MT, WY, ID, NV, UT, AZ, NM, OR (except for Southwest corner), Western ND, Western CO, WY

7-8 DAYS

Last Modified: 12/22/1999