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SFAdownload (Software and Documentation Download Site)

PublicationDate: 12/13/99
Summary: SFAdownload (Software and Documentation Download Site)
Author: PSS - Program Systems Service

Posted on December 13, 1999

Dear Partners:

The U.S. Department of Education is pleased to announce a web site developed for the purpose of distributing Student Financial Aid software and documentation to the user community. The site's url address is

What are the benefits of downloading software from the Internet?

The primary benefit of the SFAdownload site is that it would enable schools, third-party servicers, software vendors, and all other interested entities to download SFA software, i.e., EDconnect, EDExpress, FISAP, etc., and documentation on-demand and in real time. This will eliminate waits incurred during the traditional delivery of software and documentation via regular mail.

Distributing software via the Web is considered to be most efficient by today's standards. Most importantly, cost of electronic distribution of software and documentation is reduced drastically.

Therefore, beginning in December 1999 -- with the release of EDExpress 6.0 (December 27th. 1999) -- all SFA software and documentation will be available for download on the SFAdownload site. Future distribution of SFA software on floppy disks and hard copy documentation via mail will be discontinued. However, desk references will continue to be distributed via regular mail.

Help with questions?

Any inquiries regarding this site should be directed to Title IV WAN Customer Service by calling 1.800.615.1189, or email to

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