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Thirteen Final Regulations Packages Published

PublicationDate: 11/9/99
Summary: Thirteen Final Regulations Packages Published
Author: PDD - Policy Development Division/SAIS

Dear Partner:

As you know, during the summer we published in the Federal Register a series of Notices of Proposed Rulemaking (NPRMs) related to the Title IV federal student aid programs. After analyzing the hundreds of comments that were received from the community on the proposed regulatory changes that were included in the NPRMs, we have now published, in the Federal Register, final regulations for each of the NPRM packages. A listing of the thirteen Final Rule packages is attached to this letter.

These Final Rules have been posted in both 'text' and 'pdf' format to the IFAP website. They can be accessed by going to IFAP at and clicking on "New Federal Registers" under the "Bookshelf" icon. If you have not already accessed and printed out these documents, we urge you to do so.

We will be providing additional information and training on the new regulatory requirements in a number of ways --

· A general overview of the new regulations will be provided on the second day of each of our upcoming Electronic Access Conferences. Please go to the 'Electronic Access Conference' link on the homepage of our IFAP website for additional information.

· A live videoconference will be held on December 2, 1999 (1-3 PM Eastern Time). We will present and discuss information about the new rules with emphasis on those requirements that most directly affect our school partners. Please see Dear Partner Letter ANN-99-12 for complete information, including how to register for this live, interactive program.

· Beginning in January 2000, and continuing through mid-May, we will be holding a series of one-day workshops on the new requirements. More than 100 separate training sessions will be held throughout the country. In mid-December we will post information on IFAP about sites, curriculum details and how to register for this important training.

We urge you to take advantage of these training opportunities and thank you for your continued support of the Title IV student assistance programs.


Diane E. Rogers, Chief of Staff
Office of the Deputy Secretary
U.S. Department of Education

D. Jean Veta, Deputy General Counsel
Office of the General Counsel
U.S. Department of Education


Direct Loan Program Origination Fees
(NPRM) June 16, 1999
(FINAL) August 24, 1999

Accreditation Agencies
(NPRM) June 25, 1999
(FINAL) October 20, 1999

Student Eligibility
(NPRM) July 16, 1999
(FINAL) October 22, 1999

Peace Corps Deferments and Perkins Simplification
(NPRM) September 17, 1998
(FINAL) October, 25 1999

Direct Loan Program Reduced Interest Rate
(NPRM) June 16, 1999
(FINAL) October 27, 1999

Pell and Campus-Based
(NPRM) August 3, 1999
(FINAL) October 28, 1999

Perkins Loan Program
(NPRM) July 29, 1999
(FINAL) October 28, 1999

Institutional Eligibility
(NPRM) July 15, 1999
(FINAL) October 29, 1999

Guaranty Agencies and FFELP Lenders
(NPRM) August 3, 1999
(FINAL) October 29, 1999

Direct Loan Program/FFELP Common
(NPRM) August 10, 1999
(FINAL) November 1, 1999

Cohort Default Rates
(NPRM) July 30, 1999
(FINAL) November 1, 1999

Refunds (Return of Title IV Aid)
(NPRM) August 6, 1999
(FINAL) November 1, 1999

(NPRM) August 10, 1999
(FINAL) November 1, 1999

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