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Items Posted to IFAP During the Week of October 4, 1999

PublicationDate: 10/15/99
Summary: Items Posted to IFAP During the Week of October 4, 1999
Author: CSB - OSFA Customer Support Branch

Posted on October 15, 199

Dear Partners,

On Monday, October 11, 1999 we experienced technical difficulty with the IFAP website's Subscription Option email notifications. As a result, the weekly summary email messages for the week of 10/4/99 were not forwarded to our subscribers. We have manually compiled a summary of IFAP postings for the week of 10/4/99, which appears below. We are pleased to report that this temporary problem has been corrected and production of the Weekly email Summary will be resume on Monday, October 18, 1999.

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October 4 - October 8, 1999. IFAP POSTINGS. The Customer Support Branch (CSB) posted the following Documents/Letters/Regulations/Announcements to the Information for Financial Aid Professionals (IFAP) web page:


- October 8, 1999: Student Financial Aid Year 2000 Project Status As of 8 October, 1999

- October 7, 1999: Columbus Day

- October 6, 1999: DRAFT of our Five-Year Performance Plan is now available on our Web site.

- October 5, 1999: Items Posted to IFAP During the Week of September 27, 1999

- October 4, 1999: Telephone Problems

- October 4, 1999: Student Financial Aid Year 2000 Project Status
As of 4 October, 1999


- October 4, 1999: ANN-99-10: We are now offering Direct Consolidation Loan training in Boston, MA (Region I).

- September 1999: ANN-99-9: SUMMARY: October 7, 1999 SFA Satellite Videoconference

- September 1999: GEN-99-30, 99-G-322, 99-L-215: This letter will serve as the Department of Education's (ED) notice of approval of the enclosed forms reflecting an extension of the expiration date and new Office of Management and Budget's (OMB) control number for the revised Federal Stafford Loan (Subsidized and Unsubsidized) Master Promissory Note (MPN).

- October 1999: GEN-99-29, 99-G-321, 99-L-214: Errors in Economic Hardship Deferment Request Form

- September, 1999: GEN-99-28, 99-G-320, 99-L-213: This letter will serve as the Department of Education's approval of the enclosed Federal PLUS Loan application materials.

- September 1999: GEN-99-27: SUBJECT: Guidance for helping Title IV participants affected by Hurricane Floyd.

- September 1999: GEN-99-26: SUBJECT: Ordering bulk quantities of 2000-2001 Application Materials


- October 1999: DLB 99-60: Subject: Return of Direct Loan Excess Cash


- October 8, 1999: FR Type: Notice: Summary : Schedule of proposed agenda for the Advisory Committee on Student Financial Assistance. Page Numbers: 54876-54877.


- September 1999: 2000-2001 FAFSA Form/Instructions

- September 1999: 1999-2000 ISIR Record Layout

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