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NSLDS SSCR Y2K Contingency

PublicationDate: 10/13/99
Summary: NSLDS SSCR Y2K Contingency
Author: NSLDS - National Student Loan Data System

October 4, 1999

Dear Partners:

We have all worked diligently this year to prepare our computer systems for Y2K compliance. The Department’s systems are all compliant as is the EdExpress software that so many of you use to manage your Title IV funds and to report enrollment data. The flow of enrollment data is very important to our partners and students, and yet there is no assurance that the systems of all parties involved in enrollment data processing will be immune from Y2K difficulties. Therefore, we are asking your help to take a prudent precautionary measure before the arrival of January first.

In order to minimize the risk from a disruption in the flow of enrollment data, the Department will implement the following one-time schedule change:

All schools (or their servicers) will receive an SSCR file in the beginning of November. This will provide schools/servicers a reasonably recent enrollment status should there be a disruption in reporting come January. Schools will have the usual 30 days to respond to the file and 10 days to correct any errors.
No rosters will be produced for December. The Department realizes that some schools will still be testing their systems and that the workload in December may preclude reporting in that month.
Rosters will be produced in January and all subsequent months according to schools’ SSCR schedules, just as before. Please review your SSCR schedule using the NSLDS on-line screens.

While we don’t expect any Y2K disruptions from our enrollment data providers, we believe this one-time change in schedule provides significant risk mitigation with a minimal change in procedure. We very much appreciate your cooperation.

If you have questions regarding this announcement, please contact the NSLDS Customer Service Center at 1-800-999-8219.


F. Lynn Alexander, Director
National Student Loan Data System

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