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2000-01 Renewal Application Schedule Change

PublicationDate: 10/1/99
Summary: 2000-01 Renewal Application Schedule Change
Author: CPS - Central Processing System (CPS)

Posted on October 1, 1999.

To: EDE Destination Points
From: Central Processing System
Re: 2000-01 Renewal Application Schedule Change

The Central Processing System (CPS) has modified the Renewal Application
schedule slightly to allow for additional testing of the 2000-2001 changes.
You can still start to request your Renewal Application Data on October 4,
1999. However, CPS will delay processing the requests for an additional week -
until October 18, 1999. You will still have three (3) weeks to make the requests
and to resolve any errors resulting from your requests.

The printing and mailing of EDE-requested Renewal Applications, of Renewal
Applications directly to students, and of PIN Mailers directly to students
have also been moved back a week. CPS will still do everything possible to have
all materials in the mail prior to December 31, 1999.

The following schedule shows the original schedule that was distributed in Action
Letter #1 and #4 for 2000-1 and the new dates:

RAD Requests available for EDE Institutions:
Original date: 10/04
New date: 10/04 (no change)

Process RAD Requests Daily:
Original dates: 10/11 - 10/29 (3 weeks)
New dates: 10/18 - 11/05 (3 weeks)

Cutoff for EDE RAD Requests:
Original date: 10/29 (5:00PM CT)
New date: 11/05 (5:00PM CT)

Print and Mail EDE-requested Renewal FAFSAs to schools:
Original dates: 11/04 -- 11/12
New Dates: 11/11 - 11/19

Print and Mail non-EDE requested paper RAPP's:
Original dates: 11/15 - 12/31
New dates: 11/22 - 12/31

Print and mail PIN Mailers to eligible students & those requested by EDE
Original dates: 11/22 - 12/31
New dates: 11/22 - 12/31 (no change)

We regret any inconvenience this may cause you. Please contact CPS Customer Service at
1-800-330-5947 if you have any questions about this schedule change or the Renewal Application process.

Last Modified: 09/30/1999