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Corrections on the Web

PublicationDate: 9/21/99
Summary: Corrections on the Web
Author: PSS - Program Systems Service

Posted on September 21, 1999

To: All Title IV Institutions
From: U.S. Dept. of Education
Re: Corrections on the Web

The U.S. Department of Education is proud to announce Corrections on the Web for the 1999-2000 school year. This new feature will allow students to make address, phone number, and college choice corrections on the web using an Electronic Access Code (EAC, soon to be renamed PIN). Corrections on the Web is available on the FAFSA on the Web site
( and will NOT require that a student submit a paper signature. The student's EAC will serve as the only signature that will be required for this cycle, thereby cutting the processing time for these corrections to three days or less. We have issued almost 1.4 million EACs so far, and will be mailing them again to about 7 million renewal applicants this fall. If your students haven't already requested an EAC or wish to request a duplicate, students may visit the EAC web site at

In March 2000, the Department will also bring online a full correct feature for the 2000-2001 school year that will allow students to make corrections to all fields on their Student Aid Report (SAR) with the exception of their Social Security Number and Date of Birth. For the 2000-2001 cycle, the Department will be automatically sending FAFSA applicants a PIN if they are successfully matched with Social Security Administration (match flag=4). By using this PIN, students will be able to make most corrections and have them processed in three days or less. Changes to student data will not require a separate signature for the student since the PIN will serve as the only signature that will be required in these instances. Changes to parental data, however, will require a parent signature. Parents will have the option of signing using a paper signature page or will be able to apply for a PIN themselves once the Department puts the PIN Registration function in place this Spring.

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