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1999-2000 EDExpress Version 5.4

PublicationDate: 9/20/99
Summary: 1999-2000 EDExpress Version 5.4
Author: CPS - Central Processing System (CPS)

Posted on September 20, 1999

TO: All Destination Points
FROM: CPS Customer Service
RE: 1999-2000 EDExpress Version 5.4

The Department will be releasing Version 5.4 of 1999-2000 EDExpress in late October, 1999. Version 5.4 will resolve a number of issues existing in previous versions of 1999-2000 EDExpress, in all modules of the software. It will also include the fixes made available in a downloadable patch file in August, 1999.

We have listed below, by module, known configuration management issues that will be resolved in the Version 5.4 upgrade. For more information on any of these issues, please contact CPS Customer Service at 800-330-5947, or via email at CPS@NCS.COM.


#1974 - Document Tracking setup in Version 5.3 incorrectly allows you to modify a document code's parameters once it has been assigned to a student. Also, the Add Docs process adds required-for-packaging documents to students that are at an "H" or "P" (Hand-packaged or Packaged, respectively) packaging status.

#2084 - Version 5.4 will require you to run the same version of EDExpress executable (Expres90.exe) and EDExpress database (Expres90.mdb). You will not be able to access the software if you run EDExpress in a networked environment and upgrade your workstations but not your database.


#1973 - In Versions 5.2 and 5.3, printed ISIRs will display a blank Transaction Verification Flag yet print a number for the Verification Tracking Flag. The number found in the Verification Tracking Flag field should be displayed in the Transaction Verification Flag field. ISIR print shows that the student has been selected for verification when in fact they have not. Examine ISIR comment codes to determine if the student was selected for verification.

#1992 - In Versions 5.2 and 5.3, if you perform a Quick Correction to add your school code to an ISIR using transaction 99, when you receive the ISIR back and import it, the transaction does not show up on List-Processed ISIRs.

#2046 - In Version 5.3 on the SAR/ISIR and FAFSA tabs, the software will allow you to enter an invalid month for Student's Date of Legal Residence, and will then export the data in improper format if the year is valid but not 2000.


#1931 - In Versions 5.2 and 5.3, when you change the Fund Decision on the Awarded Funds window to "O" or "S", save the record, and go back to Awarded Funds, the software defaults the flag back to "A."

#1942 - In Version 5.3, if you define a fund code with the aid type "G" (grant) and award the fund manually, when you package globally it is not giving the same award as within the tab.

#1962 - If you import a Packaging external add file and the file is missing required Packaging field data, or you do not have the fields defined in setup, the packaging record is still created with an "R" (ready to package) packaging status. You may need to use multiple or manual entry to update fields such as Budget code or Academic Year Profile to ensure the student receives an accurate award.

#1963 - In Packaging Multiple Entry in versions 5.2 and 5.3, if you select a fund code and fund decision and click OK without putting a fund amount, then on the second screen you change the amount for a student's fund and click OK, EDExpress will not add the fund to the student.

#2010 - When importing ISIRs with packaging data into the Pell module, the "Award Amount for Entire School Year" only populates correctly on the Pell Origination record if the Packaging record was created by an ISIR import and then packaged globally. If the ISIR is imported into Packaging but the record is then packaged from the Awards tab, the Pell "Award Amount" will not import. Also, if you import a record into Packaging, package the record globally, import the ISIR with Packaging data into Pell, delete the Pell record, change the AYP on the Awards tab to change the total Pell award, repackage globally, and then import the same ISIR with Packaging data into Pell, the "Award Amount" will remain what is was for the original AYP.


#1966 - The Measurement Tools - Direct Loan Volume Report is not calculating Gross Amounts, Net Amounts, or Disbursement Adjustments correctly. The report shows the Gross and Net amounts as being equal to each other, and the logic used in creating the report is using adjustment amounts as absolute values and is not factoring in the positive or negative operators.

#1976 - When a Direct Loan Disbursement Acknowledgment is imported the Edit report does not display the reject code(s) for any rejected disbursement records.

#1998 - The Origination Date on the Loan is incorrectly updating to the current date whenever you modify an Origination record. This date field should remain as the date you first originated the record and not update when a change is made.
#2003 - The External Import Loan Origination Add file will be modified in Version 5.4 to allow a value of "N" as valid field content for field #44, Additional Unsubsidized Amount.

#2004 Direct Loan External Export file is exporting "Loan Year" as a four-byte field (i.e. 9900), not a two-byte field as indicated in the Combination Layout section of the 1999-2000 Direct Loan Technical Reference.

#2007 - During the external import change process, EDExpress does not originate a Direct Loan record as it should when you change the Loan Amount Approved or the Loan Amount Requested. The record must be originated manually.

#2033 - The Direct Loan Actual Disbursement report prints out incorrect subtotals and totals. The report is calculating subtotals per student rather than for each loan record.

#2036 - If a Direct Loan Origination record is processed by the LOC with an incorrect Origination Fee percentage, the record rejects at the LOC. When the Loan Origination acknowledgment file is imported the Loan Status is set to "E" (Error). When the Loan Status is "E," EDExpress does not allow you to change the loan amount to zero and update the origination fee.

#2039 - The Certification Statement on Direct Loan PLUS promissory notes will be updated in Version 5.4.

#2045 - If you import ISIR data into Direct Loan and then decide to delete your loan records because you want to recreate them with different data (such as fees), you will receive the message "No ISIR records to import" when attempting the second import into Direct Loan .

#2068 - If the Direct Loan system setup is marked to print the Local Address on a promissory note, and no local address is provided on the student's demo tab, then no address will print on the note.

#2070 - When a Master Promissory Note is created for a subsidized and unsubsidized Direct Loan, only the subsidized loan ID prints on the manifest. Therefore, the "Include on Manifest" flag for the subsidized loan is updated from "Y" (Yes) to "N" (No). The "Include on Manifest" flag for the unsubsidized loan is not updated from "Y" (Yes). Consequently, the unsubsidized loan ID is printing on a future manifest.

#2077 - The External Export Loan (DEER) record layout in EDExpress Version 5.3 does not match the 1999-2000 Technical Reference layout.

#2081 - If a new Direct Loan Plus record is created and not originated, and the Loan Amount Requested is left blank, the promissory note prints the Loan Amount Requested as $0. The field should be left blank to allow the parent/endorser to fill in the requested dollar amount.

#2094 - When promissory notes are printed to a file, EDExpress is displaying information regarding the font size, page number, and field position coordinates.

#2101 and #2102 - When entering manually or by multiple entry certain dollar figures in the anticipated disbursement gross amount field, the loan fee amounts are being rounded instead of truncated when calculated.

#2149 - When a PLUS promissory note is printed for a borrower who is an eligible non-citizen with an Alien Registration Number, EDExpress is printing the Alien Registration Number on the borrower's note. However, the borrower's Alien Registration Number is also printing on subsequent PLUS notes for other borrowers.


#2001 - Schools importing ISIR data into the Pell module are randomly receiving the database error "The field 'tbl.Pell_Student.ORIGID' can't contain a Null value because the Required property is set to True. Enter a value in this field."

#2024 - In Version 5.3, when using ProcessEntryand entering SSNs through an SSN file or by using the ellipsis button, schools are receiving a "No records selected" message, even if they confirm the student records exist and are selected in pell print functions. Schools are using the "Select Records" option on the selection criteria screen to get around this CM.

#2032 - The ESOA detail print report is not printing the amounts for the Adjust Report Date and Adjust Report Amount in the correct format.

#2042 - If you import a Pell Year-to-Date file that includes a student with an apostrophe as part of their name ID, you will receive the database error "Syntax Error (missing operator) in expression."

#2047 - Version 5.3 is exporting the negative symbol when you enter a negative Amount Submittted for Pell Disbursement records. This will lead to rejects at RFMS. Schools have been encouraged by CPS Customer Service to edit Pell Disbursement export files that include negative adjustments to replace the negative signs with zeroes.

#2048 - Importing system-generated Pell Disbursement acknowledgements into Version 5.3 prevents schools from entering additional disbursement information for the affected students.

#2058 - Version 5.3 will not allow you to manually enter a Pell Disbursement Batch ID as the value for a parameter query on batch ID for a Disbursement List. You must cut and paste the batch ID from the Batch Activity database.

#2067 - When saving data entered in the Institutional Cross Reference field on the Pell Grant tab, you receive the prompt "Select to send to RFMS with next batch?." The Institutional Cross Reference field is for school use only, and is not processed or read by the Pell processor.

#2071 - Version 5.3 will not allow you to add a Pell Disbursement record using an External Disbursement Add file or manual entry if the school code's second digit is a number other than zero. Schools must use multiple entry to create these records.

#2072 - If you have multiple Pell reporting campus codes defined, and you have multiple disbursement records created under the different reporting campus codes, when you export under the first reporting campus, the other reporting campus created records at an "R" (Ready to Export) status will also export under the incorrect reporting campus and create Batch IDs on the Disbursement tab under the incorrect ID.

#2085 - The Pell Disbursement List is not displaying negative signs where necessary when printing out the submitted/accepted total. The amounts listed are correct, but the negative symbol is missing. The main total at the bottom of the report is calculating correctly.

#2086 - On the Pell Disbursement List, the accepted amount is left justifying instead of right justifying, and if the amount is greater than three digits the software is cutting off the last cent. The totals at the bottom print out correctly.

#2090 - If a school creates and exports enough negative Pell Disbursements that EDExpress creates a negative Reported Total in the Pell Disbursement export file, Version 5.3 is placing a negative sign within the total in the trailer record in field positions 47-57. This is causing RFMS to reject the entire batch with a reject code of 208: Reported Total of Batch must be numeric. As with CM# 2047, CPS Customer Service is encouraging schools to replace negative signs with zeroes in the export file to rectify this problem.

#2106 - When importing a negative Pell disbursement in an external Pell Disbursement Add file, Version 5.3 is not reading the Debit/Credit Indicator Flag (field position 47) correctly, so negative Pell Disbursement records are imported as positive disbursements. When a school exports these records they are sent as a positive disbursements instead of negative disbursements.

#2110 - Pell Multiple Entry allows you to update batched Pell records if you use the SSN file feature. Normally you should not be allowed to update these records, and other selection criteria options on Pell Multiple Entry (such as Select Records) will not display batched student IDs on entry/update grids.

#2117 and #2143 - Multiple Reporting Record (MRR) logic will be revamped in Version 5.4 to modify how importing Potential Overaward Payment MRR files update your software, depending on your role as the blocker or blocked school. Query features will be updated to reflect these changes as well.

#2134 - If you enter a Pell Disbursement Submitted amount that ends up to be less than the accepted amount, you cannot enter any subsequent disbursements for the student. Also, the "Total Payment for the Payment Period - Award Amount" is a seven byte field but EDExpress displays only the first five bytes. Therefore if the disbursement amount has cents it won't display the amount correctly and the "Total Payment for the Payment Period - Award Amount" will always be less than the submitted amount.

#2138 - If you create a Pell Special Disbursement record using an external Pell Disbursement Add file, the "Total Payment for the Payment Period" is importing into the grid incorrectly. Instead of importing 3125 as 03125 (as it displays when adding manually) it displays 3125 followed by a decimal point. It also exports out the decimal point in the Pell Special Disbursement export file.

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