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IFAP Subscription Options now available.

PublicationDate: 8/24/99
Summary: IFAP Subscription Options now available.
Author: CSB - OSFA Customer Support Branch

Posted on August 24, 1999

Dear Partner:

We are pleased to announce “IFAP Subscription Options,” a new enhancement to the IFAP web site ( This feature allows us to notify registered customers when new information (Dear Partner Letter, Announcement, Federal Register, etc.) has been added to the wealth of information available on IFAP.

All IFAP customers who have already registered via the "Reference Desk" on the IFAP website will now automatically receive weekly electronic summaries of new additions to IFAP. If you are already registered, you need not do anything to receive these weekly updates. If you are not registered, sign up now through the "Reference Desk" to take advantage of this new feature.

You may also customize your IFAP Subscription. To do so, log onto the Reference Desk area of IFAP and select "Subscription Options" from the menu. From there you are given several options. You may select any or all of them:

Frequently Generated IFAP Additions: If you select this option, you will be notified within 48 hours each time new information is posted to any of the five most popular information categories of IFAP: Action Letters, Dear Partner/Colleague Letters, Direct Loan Bulletins, Policy Bulletins, and Electronic Announcements.

Additional IFAP Postings: Selecting this option allows you to indicate that you wish to be notified whenever anything is posted to specific categories that you select. You will be notified within 48 hours of the posting. This option can be used to supplement the "Frequently generated IFAP Additions" option.

Program Area Postings: This option allows you to indicate that you wish to receive a notification any time anything is posted that relates to a specific program area: Pell, Direct Loans, etc. Again, you will be notified of these postings within 48 hours.

Remember: to use this new feature you must be a registered IFAP customer. If you are not registered go to the "Reference Desk" at> to register.

In developing these features, we were fortunate to have useful input from a number of IFAP customers. Our thanks to all who helped us with these enhancements. If you have any questions regarding this new feature or need assistance in registering, please call Customer Support between the hours of 9am and 5pm Eastern Time at 1-800-433-7327 or e-mail us at osfap_csb


William J. Ryan
Director, Training and Program Information Division
Student Aid Information Service
Office of Student Financial Assistance

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