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Whitehouse Press Quotes

PublicationDate: 1/18/96
Summary: Whitehouse Press Quotes
Author: OPE - Office of the Assistant Secretary for OPE

This quotation was delivered at 11:47 am, January 18, 1996

At Press Briefing by Leon Panetta:

"In addition, there are some policy differences that we still are
obviously working our way through that the President has also
identified. In Medicare, with regards to their proposals as to
Medicare restructuring that we have serious concerns about; on
entitlement. They insist on virtually ending direct student lending."

Robert Rubin, (with reference to the 1/18/96 proposal of
Administration balanced budget),:

"The discretionary cuts are deep, but we believe that they preserve
the government services that we need to grow the economy, our
commitment to education and training and technology. In addition,
we enhance education opportunities by making tax deductible
education expenses."

The transcript of this entire briefing is available from The White
House, Office of the Press Secretary.

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