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Version 2.5 modification list

PublicationDate: 10/25/96
Summary: Version 2.5 modification list
Author: CPS - Central Processing System (CPS)

To All Destination Points
From: CPS
Subject: Version 2.5 modification list

The following list indicates the changes made to version 2.5 of
EDExpress for Windows. This software is currently being
distributed to all destination points.


Modify the ISIR print to print the signed by flag and, if the flag is
changed, print the change (#) indicator next to it.

The word "Separated" will now be spelled correctly on the ISIR &
Application print report.

The export correction function will not change student's number in
college to blank, which was done in previous versions if a
correction was exported twice.

The software no longer requires a PIN number to add institutions
other than your own.

The FAFSA Certification page will now print.

Direct Loan
The import from packaging will now correctly select records
based on the selected criteria.

Direct Loan
The prom note status will be set to "S" and signed date will be
updated when a prom note is reprinted and the pnote indicator is
Z, R, or S.

Direct Loan
The Import Prom Note Acknowledgement will now accept #D
batches for Level 3 schools (whose notes are printed and received
from students by the DLOC).

Direct Loan
If a loan is cancelled after the Prom Note is marked as Signed by
borrower, the Ready for Manifest flag will be set to No.

Direct Loan
The Loan Origination record print will accumulate the totals

Direct Loan
Prom notes will print the current SSN rather than the original SSN.

Direct Loan
The Direct Loan external add edit report will not shift down 1 line
per page.

Direct Loan
If there are cash records for multiple school codes within the cash
database, Cash Verify will prompt only for the school code

Direct Loan
A query will work correctly with 1 digit disbursement profile

Direct Loan
The credit decision will not carry over when a PLUS is copied to
create another PLUS record.

Direct Loan
Import from ISIRs into Direct Loan will now zero fill the zip code

The Direct Loan security now works properly.

Memory management has been improved and some users may see
increased speed in the import and export processes.

When installing EDExpress on a LAN, the executable now installs
on the client rather than the server. This will speed up some
processes on the client.

When importing a subsequent transaction into Packaging from
ISIRs and the Packaging status is R or N, the current record will
be overlayed without deleting the notepad entries, funds, etc.

The software allows the ability to print an SSCR record from
within the SSCR record.

Users can access multiple SSCR records on a LAN

The anticipated graduation date will always be exported either
from entered data or pulled from control data.

Mailing labels will print first name first.

Last Modified: 08/16/1999