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Urgent GAPS Transition Reminder! TWO DAY ALERT

PublicationDate: 2/23/98
Summary: Urgent GAPS Transition Reminder! TWO DAY ALERT
Author: ODAS - Office of the Deputy Assistant Secretary - SFA

Posted February 23, 1998

Urgent GAPS Transition Reminder!

From FEBRUARY 26 through MARCH 15, 1998 schools CANNOT draw funds for ANY
ED program while ED makes the transition from the ED Payment Management System
(PMS) to the ED Grant Administration and Payment System (GAPS). YOU MUST PLACE
BELOW if you need additional funds to make disbursements to eligible students and
parents during this transition period. Please execute your draw downs accordingly.

FEBRUARY 25 Deadline for placing all final requests for ACH payments with the
3:00 P.M. EST Department's Service Bureau (NCS) for all programs, including
Direct Loan. Note the Eastern Standard Time; this means the
deadline for PST locations is NOON.

FEBRUARY 26 Deadline for placing final payment requests for FEDWIRE
6:00 P.M. EST recipients requesting next day payment. FEDWIRE payment
request dates beyond February 26th will not be honored and no
additional FEDWIRE payments will be made after February 26.

Because institutions cannot draw down funds to meet their immediate needs during the
transition period, the three-day disbursement requirements under 668.162(b)(3) will not
apply to the funds institutions receive for this period to make disbursements to eligible
students and parents.

For further information, please see the Department's "Dear Chief Financial Officer" letter
(available through the web at, "Dear Colleague" letter
to financial aid administrators (available through the web at under
"SFA Publications and Letters"), and the series of BBS announcements (available
through the web at under "Announcements").

If you have questions on the transition or on EDCAPS/GAPS, please contact the GAPS
Reporting Representative for your state. A list of GAPS representatives follows:

Alabama Mary Porter 202-205-0730
Alaska Mary Porter 202-205-0730
American Somoa Cheryl Carrington 202-401-5421
Arizona Mary Porter 202-205-0730
Arkansas Pat Reeves 202-401-5424
California Cheryl Carrington 202-401-5421
Cmnwealth of Marianas Cheryl Carrington 202-401-5421
Colorado Bahaa Sabbagh 202-401-2244
Connecticut Serena Smith 202-401-5430
Delaware Girard Straus 202-401-5431
District of Columbia Connie Angotti 202-401-5339
Florida Audrey Hawkins 202-401-1118
Georgia Pat Reeves 202-401-5424
Guam Pat Reeves 202-401-5424
Hawaii Audrey Hawkins 202-401-1118
Idaho Bahaa Sabbagh 202-401-2244
Illinois Serena Smith 202-401-5430
Indiana Girard Straus 202-401-5431
Iowa Mary Porter 202-205-0730
Kansas Pat Reeves 202-401-5424
Kentucky Mary Porter 202-205-0730
Louisiana Bahaa Sabbagh 202-401-2244
Maine Serena Smith 202-401-5430
Maryland Mary Porter 202-205-0730
Massachusetts Connie Angotti 202-401-5339
Michigan Girard Straus 202-401-5431
Minnesota Girard Straus 202-401-5431
Mississippi Bahaa Sabbagh 202-401-2244
Missouri Pat Reeves 202-401-5424
Montana Mary Porter 202-205-0730
Nebraska Girard Straus 202-401-5431
Nevada Pat Reeves 202-401-5424
New Hampshire Bahaa Sabbagh 202-401-2244
New Jersey Connie Angotti 202-401-5339
New Mexico Mary Porter 202-205-0730
New York Pat Reeves 202-401-5424
North Carolina Serena Smith 202-401-5430
North Dakota Serena Smith 202-401-5430
Ohio Serena Smith 202-401-5430
Oklahoma Girard Straus 202-401-5431
Oregon Bahaa Sabbagh 202-401-2244
Pennsylvania Bahaa Sabbagh 202-401-2244
Puerto Rico Serena Smith 202-401-5430
Rhode Island Serena Smith 202-401-5430
South Carolina Audrey Hawkins 202-401-1118
South Dakota Audrey Hawkins 202-401-1118
Tennessee Audrey Hawkins 202-401-1118
Texas Connie Angotti 202-401-5339
Utah Mary Porter 202-205-0730
Vermont Connie Angotti 202-401-5339
Virgin Islands Cheryl Carrington 202-401-5421
Virginia Audrey Hawkins 202-401-1118
Washington Cheryl Carrington 202-401-5421
West Virginia Audrey Hawkins 202-401-1118
Wisconsin Mary Porter 202-205-0730
Wyoming Girard Straus 202-401-5431

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