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Update for TCP connectivity

PublicationDate: 8/26/96
Summary: Update for TCP connectivity
Author: CSB - SFA Customer Support Branch

To: All SFABBS users
From: SFABBS Systems Administration
Date: August 26, 1996
Re: Update for TCP connectivity

Dear Users:

Due to an increased demand for Internet time and services provided, the US
Department of Education has changed its Internet Service Provider (ISP). As
this change occurs you the user will also need to make some minor
adjustments to your configurations if you are connecting to the SFABBS via
tcp/ip. NOTE: If you are a dial-up user this change has no effect on your
current configurations.

TCP/IP Users will need to access the bulletin board in their normal fashion
(please do not log onto the system). Move to 'Options,' then 'Configure.'
Click on the down arrow next to the 'User Name' field and move the cursor to
the bottom of the menu to topic ‘Network Address.'

Here, you will see a string of characters ( or a string of
numbers ( In either case, rename the entry to '' and
click 'OK.' Reboot your PC to reset the configurations and continue to use
the SFABBS as needed. This will be the new internet extension for the BBS.
Your colleagues will need to route all outside mail to this new address (ex: not

Also, for all users who access Finaid-L via the BBS please Unsubscribe to this
topic area and later Subscribe using the new address ( This will
ensure your continuing retrieval of such information. Web users will also
connect to the SFABBS by typing the following URL;

Again, this Announcement is intended for SFABBS users who connect to the
SFABBS via tcp/ip or World Wide Web (WWW). All other users will
continue to dial into the system via modem using the toll free telephone number

Thank You


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