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Update on EDCAPS/GAPS Conversion

PublicationDate: 3/4/98
Summary: Update on EDCAPS/GAPS Conversion
Author: ODAS - Office of the Deputy Assistant Secretary - SFA

March 4, 1998

Dear Colleague:

The U.S. Department of Education has temporarily suspended the conversion
to the Education Central Automated Processing Systems (EDCAPS) Grant
Administration and Payment System (GAPS) so we can further ensure the conversion
will not result in payment processing delays. The Department's Payment Management
System (PMS), which closed on February 26, is again available to you.

We previously announced that we were converting from PMS to
EDCAPS/GAPS between February 26 and March 16, 1998. Many of you may have
already drawn down funds under PMS in order to cover expected Title IV expenditures
for this transition period. The authority to draw down these funds was communicated in
a February Dear Colleague Letter (GEN-98-5) and in an electronic bulletin posted to the
Department's BBS dated February 20, 1998. The regulatory relief described in that
electronic bulletin continues to apply to funds previously drawn down under that
authority. Those funds should be used as planned and must be disbursed by the close
of business on March 19, 1998. Any funds drawn down subsequent to March 2, 1998,
require full compliance with all applicable regulatory requirements.

The GAPS training website will be available so you can familiarize yourself
with the payment request process. This training website is located at The NEW Department of Education Payee's Guide is
also available at The guide provides detailed
instructions on all new GAPS processes. If you are not Internet capable, you can
contact Sandra Rush at (202) 401-2102 to request a hard copy of the guide.

The Department has not yet scheduled the conversion to EDCAPS. Before it
does, we want to be sure that the GAPS system will meet our stringent performance
standards. However, we will provide at least four weeks notice before the transition
period to provide you with adequate time to plan ahead. Unfortunately, it will still be
necessary to suspend the operation of both systems for roughly two weeks in order to
accurately convert the data to GAPS.

In the meantime, we will continue the timely delivery of funds under PMS. I
want to thank you for your cooperation during the last few weeks and ask for your
continued cooperation and support during the conversion to GAPS.


Diane E. Rogers
Acting Deputy Assistant Secretary
Student Financial Assistance Programs

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