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Tip of the Week - Transaction Paid On

PublicationDate: 7/2/98
Summary: Tip of the Week - Transaction Paid On
Author: CPS - Central Processing System (CPS)

Posted July 2, 1998

To: All EDExpress Users
From: CPS Customer Service
RE: Tip of the Week - Transaction Paid On

This week's tip highlights a specific feature or process in the 1998-99 Pell Payment for Windows and EDExpress software: Using the DEMO field "Transaction Paid On"

Feature/Process: In the 1998-99 EDExpress software there is a field titled "Transaction Paid On," which can be found on the DEMO tab. This field allows you to enter the ISIR transaction used to pay Pell Grant funds to the student. This field is populated via either manual entry on each student record or global multiple entry.

Why you should use it: When importing ISIRs into the 1998-99 Pell Payment for Windows software, if the "Transaction Paid On" field is populated, the software will import only the notated ISIR transaction, as opposed to importing all ISIR transactions for that student. Using this function reduces the size of your Pell database and eliminates the process of deleting unused Pell records.

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