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Tip of the Week --- Packaging Query Helpful Hints

PublicationDate: 4/22/99
Summary: Tip of the Week --- Packaging Query Helpful Hints
Author: PSS - Program Systems Service

TO: All Destination Points
FROM: CPS Customer Service
RE: Tip of the Week --- Packaging Query Helpful Hints

This week's tip highlights a feature or process in the 1999-2000 EDExpress
software: Packaging Query Helpful Hints

Using queries correctly is essential to a successful Packaging setup. Query
has been redesigned considerably in the 1999-2000 EDExpress software, and it's
improved flexibility heightens the degree of detail in which you can define various Packaging
setup parameters.You can create Packaging queries in EDExpress by going to
Toolsand selecting the Packaging tab.

Packaging queries can be attached to various Packaging setup elements (under
ToolsFor example, attaching a query to a fund profile in
Fund Maintenance will ensure that fund is only awarded to students who meet
the query criteria. Likewise, attaching a query to a Budget profile will
ensure it is assigned only to the student population designated by the query
during ISIR import.

Listed below are several helpful hints for defining and using Packaging

1) Be sure to click on Append to add the field, operator, and value you have
defined to the criteria box. You can use the Change and Remove buttons later
on to modify or remove parts of queries you have appended.

2) Always check the value help before populating the Value field. Some
common mistakes include typing Y or N for Yes/No values instead of True (for
Yes) or False (for No), and typing FULLTIME as the value for the enrollment
status field instead of FULL TIME (with a space between FULL and TIME).

3) If you create a query that includes an OR statement, and plan to attach
the query to a budget profile, you must add left and right parentheses to
the beginning and end of the entire query statement. If you do not do this,
you will likely experience a software lock-up during ISIR import into

4) You do not need to create EFC-range queries for funds --- you can account
for any school-specific EFC minimum/maximum requirements for fund awarding
in your Award Methodology.

5) If you use the correct aid type (in Fund Maintenance) for funds such as
Pell Grant ("F"), Federal Subsidized Loan ("S"), and Federal Unsubsidized
Loan ("U"), the software will automatically check for regulatory criteria
and statutory award restrictions when packaging the funds; you will not need
to create queries to account for these rules. For example, during the
package process, the software will automatically check the Pell Eligibility
flag on the student record, as well as the EFC, budget total, enrollment
status, and other elements, before determining the appropriate award.
Likewise, the software will check the student's college grade level and
other elements before awarding loan amounts.

6) The fields "Interested in Work Study?" and "Interested in Loans?" can be
queried on for Federal Word Study and Federal or other loan profiles in Fund
Maintenance. Many schools check the student's response to these questions
before awarding these funds.

7) Keep in mind you can query on user-defined fields, but the queries will
only be effective if you consistently update your students' User Data tabs
(using manual entry, multiple entry, or external import).

8) The Packaging queries you define can also be attached to reports (such as
List - Packaged Students), Packaging multiple entry, and to global Package,
Repackage and Unpackage to restrict which students are listed or updated in
the process you are running.

9) Parameter queries are a new feature in 1999-2000 EDExpress. When used in
conjunction with a report, multiple entry, or global Package, Repackage or
Unpackage, they will prompt you to enter specific values at the time you
select them. Some examples of parameter queries you may wish to use are SSN
range, college grade level, dependency status, and Packaging Status. You
cannot attach parameter queries to any Packaging setup screens.

10) EDExpress helptext contains several other examples of common query
statements you may wish to use in your Packaging setup. To view these
examples, go to HelpTopicsand search for the topic "Fund
Maintenance dialog box" --- scroll down on the resulting screen to view 12
different fund setup examples, many of which include potential queries you
may use.

If you have any questions, please contact CPS Customer Service at
800-330-5947, option 7, or via email at

Last Modified: 08/16/1999