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Status of 1996-97 Application Processing

PublicationDate: 2/12/96
Summary: Status of 1996-97 Application Processing
Author: CPS - Central Processing System (CPS)

February 12, 1996

The 1996-97 Application Processing System is currently operational and is
processing student applications. We have, however, experienced a series of
delays and difficulties in coming to full operational status. As of today, we are
still encountering technical problems in some areas of the system, but expect to
be at full processing capacity within a few days. We are using every resource
that we have, both staff and contractors, to solve the problems as quickly as

As all of you know, the government shutdown from December 18 through
January 4 came during the time that we test and prepare the system for startup.
Because the testing of the new system, which introduced many technological
enhancements, was fragmented and delayed, the startup for the processing
system originally planned for January 12 was delayed for nearly three weeks.
Additionally, the change to the EFC has caused further delays.

The MDE contractors have a substantial backlog of applications, and some
students will experience delays in receiving their SARs. Once the system is
running at full capacity, we expect to clear the backlog in several weeks. We
will update you with more exact information when the system is in full

We have begun distribution of the application module of the DOS version of
EDExpress, and the software will be fully distributed by Friday, February 16.
Institutions will be able to process electronic applications, using this DOS
version, without experiencing any delays. With the Title IV WAN Integrated
Application Menu (IAM) software, you will be able to query the status of
application batches on a daily basis.

We will continue to send you updated information on our progress. We
appreciate your patience during this period, and hope you will assist us by
reassuring your students that their applications have been received and will be
processed as quickly as possible.

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