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PublicationDate: 5/8/97
Summary: SSCR Update
Author: CPS - Central Processing System (CPS)

To: All EDExpress Users

From: CPS Customer Service

Subject: SSCR Updates

Date: May 8, 1997

Version 3.4 of EDExpress will contain the SSCR module. This module should only be
used for the following functions:

1. Receipt of the SSCR Roster resulting from the SSCR98OP (June rosters)
message class

2. Returning the SSCR Roster updates in the SSCR98IN message class

3. Importing the acknowledgments of the Roster updates in the SSCE98OP
message class. Due to requests from the user community the message
classes have been renamed from DXXX to SSCR. You must use Version 3.4
beginning with the June rosters. The new message classes go into production on
May 28. If you return your May roster after May 28 the acknowledgment/error
files will be returned in the new message class and you will have to import this
data into Version 2.7.

This version of the SSCR software should not be used to enter or export any manual
records or the exporting of the updated error files (SSCE98OP). If these files are
exported from this version they will not be processed by NSLDS. They will be picked
up off of the network but no acknowledgment will be returned to the sender.

You will receive Version 3.5 in Mid-June. With this version you can enter and export
manual records and export updated error files. As a reminder you can always access
NSLDS on-line to enter information for your manual records or to correct errors.

Please call CPS Customer Service at 1-800-330-5947, select option 8 with any

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