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SSCR files being sent to Direct Loan instead of NSLDS

PublicationDate: 9/6/96
Summary: SSCR files being sent to Direct Loan instead of NSLDS
Author: CPS - Central Processing System (CPS)

To: Destination Points
From: CPS Technical and Title IV WAN Customer Service
Date: 09/06/96
RE: SSCR files being sent to Direct Loan instead of NSLDS

The Direct Loan Origination Center (DLOC) has received a number of SSCR files which
appear to be files schools need to return to NSLDS. The DLOC will no longer pick up
SSCR files effective immediately. Schools should only be working on SSCR files sent to
them by NSLDS.

If you are using EDCONNECT to send your SSCR files, you must use the latest version
1.3.0 of the software. To send the updated SSCR file to the Title IV WAN using

If you have already sent in your file and want to check to see if you sent it to the correct
mailbox, select the UTILITY | ACTIVITY LOG option. Position your cursor on the data
line referring to SENT DATA for the SERVICER AUTOMATIC SSCR and press the right
arrow key to view the USER ID column. The correct ID is TG53163. If it is not, send the
file again and make sure you are selecting the 97 year message class.

Mainframe users should be aware to send this message class to TG53163 in their O*N05
header record.

For assistance with the EDConnect, please call Title IV WAN Customer Service at
1-800-615-1189. For questions on the SSCR file, contact NSLDS Customer Service at
1-800-999-8219. For assistance with the SSCR module of EDExpress, call CPS Customer
Service at 1-800-330-5947, option 3.

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