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SFABBS and 97/98 Verification Issues

PublicationDate: 2/6/97
Summary: SFABBS and 97/98 Verification Issues
Author: CSB - SFA Customer Support Branch


Dear Colleagues,

1. The 1997-98 Verification Worksheets are now available for
downloading from the SFA BBS in portable document format (.pdf).
You can access the worksheets by choosing the following topics
from the main menu:

>> SFA Publications and Letter
>> SFA Guides
>> The Verification Guide
>> 1997-98 Verification Guide
>> "Downloadable 1997-98 Verification Worksheets..."

2. If you accessed the 1997-98 Verification Guide on the SFA BBS
on or before today, Thursday, Feb. 6, please note that a modification
was made today to a paragraph on pages 34 and 35 of Chapter 3 to
reflect a change to the printed version. The new pages 34 and 35 now
indicate that for applications that have been selected for verification,
the verification regulations allow that FFEL funds can be held a
maximum of 45 days. This was only an omission from the original
text and does not reflect a change in policy. Please note that for all
other purposes other than verification, the cash management
regulations specify that FFEL funds can be held for no longer than
30 days.

[[NOTE: This announcement was corrected on 2/12/97. Please see
the Announcement, "Correction to 2/6/97 Announcement: 1997-98
Verification Issues" for details.]]

Thank you for your comments and your patience.

SFA Customer Support Branch
U.S. Department of Education

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