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SAR/ISIR Institution Codes

PublicationDate: 2/5/97
Summary: SAR/ISIR Institution Codes
Author: CPS - Central Processing System (CPS)

Date: February 5, 1997
To: All EDE Destination Points
From: CPS Customer Service
Subject: SAR/ISIR Institution Codes

This communication addresses a system problem which has been the
subject of several recent messages on FINAID-L concerning the
institution codes appearing on some students' SARs and ISIRs for
both Award Years 1996-97 and 1997-78. The problems for each
year are slightly different and are described below:

For the 1996-97 processing cycle:

A change was recently made to the NSLDS match process for
1996-97. When this change was implemented, it added an extra
school code to student records in the CPS database. 14,691 students
were affected on five processing dates. Of these, 8,961 incorrect
ISIRs were sent to institutions and 5,800 incorrect State Agency
ISIRs were sent.

These students' records were processed on January 21-24 and
January 27. Since schools and state agencies have received extra
ISIRS, and no schools are missing records, reprocessing is not
required. Please disregard ISIRs you may have received in error.

For the 1997-98 processing cycle:

On January 31 the CPS uncovered a problem with processing 1997-
98 Renewal Applications that the student had completed and
returned to the CPS. It affects independent students who did not
supply parental data and who validated the institution on the
application, rather than report a new institution.

In some, but not all of these cases, the institution code was pulled
incorrectly from the Renewal Application data in the CPS database.
For those affected, it means that the school the student validated did
not get that student's ISIR, and an incorrect institution was listed on
the SAR/ISIR. This problem was fixed and tested on January 31. A
total of 44,249 students were affected. CPS will reprocess these
records with the correct institution code and resend ISIRs and SARs
during the week of February 10.

These reprocessed records can be identified in a number of ways.
The ISIR will list comment code 172 and the batch number will
begin with "#Y." Additionally, a reprocess reason code of 01 will be
in positions 1454-1455 of the ISIR record.

If you have any questions, please contact CPS customer service
at 1-800-330-5947, option 8.

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