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Reverse DNS Problems

PublicationDate: 12/17/97
Summary: Reverse DNS Problems
Author: CPS - Central Processing System (CPS)

Re-posted December 17, 1997

To: All Schools and Students
From: U.S. Department of Education
Subject: Reverse DNS Problems
Date: August 7, 1997

The Department of Education has received complaints from applicants having problems
downloading Netscape v3.0 or 3.01 browser software. Current laws and regulations
allow only U.S. and Canadian citizens to use 128-bit encryption. Netscape attempts to
confirm that the applicant is downloading to a computer that resides within the U.S.
Difficulty in downloading this version is experienced when Netscape is looking for an IP
address from the applicant's workstation that matches their universities DNS domain
registration. Due to the network configuration of some universities, Netscape cannot
authenticate the IP address, so the encryption (128 bit key) fails to register.

If you are attempting to download software from a network in which this situation
occurs, Netscape will not allow you to download the software.

The following are technical workarounds:

1) Request your LAN administrator or Information Technology office to download a
copy of the Netscape software outside your firewall. The browser software can then be
placed on a shared drive where applicants within the university can download to their
workstations. If you need technical assistance, please call FAFSA on the Web
Customer Service at 1-800-801-0576.

2) Contact Netscape Corporate Sales directly at (415) 937-2555 or Netscape Personal
Sales at (415) 937-3777 to request a copy of the software be mailed to your mailing
address. The shipping and handling charge is $22.00.

3) Send a blank email to Netscape will send you an automatic
reply explaining how to give Netscape the information they need to further assist you
with your problem of downloading the correct version of browser software.

The Department of Education is currently researching other solutions to acquire the
browser software. We will communicate additional options for acquiring the necessary
version of the Netscape software as the information becomes available.

Last Modified: 08/16/1999