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Rescheduled Transition from PMS to EDCAPS/GAPS

PublicationDate: 3/26/98
Summary: Rescheduled Transition from PMS to EDCAPS/GAPS
Author: CSB - SFA Customer Support Branch

Posted March 31, 1998

EDCAPS Conversion:

Please note the following letter from Donald Rappaport, ED's Chief Financial Officer,
announcing the conversion from EDPMS to EDCAPS. This letter is being mailed to
Chief Financial Officers. The mailing began on Friday, March 27, 1998.

Diane Rogers, Acting Deputy Assistant Secretary for Student Financial Assistance,
has also sent a letter on the conversion to the Presidents, Financial Aid Directors,
and Chief Financial Officers of all Title IV schools. The letter (GEN-98-9) is posted in
the "Dear Colleague Letter" section of the Information for Financial Aid Professionals
(IFAP) Bookshelf.
March 26, 1998

Dear Chief Financial Officer:

On March 2, 1998, the U.S. Department of Education (Department) announced a
temporary suspension of the conversion from its Payment Management System (PMS)
to the Education Central Automated Processing System (EDCAPS), Grants
Administration and Payment System (GAPS). The Department has established May 11
and May 13, 1998 as the revised dates for conversion completion.

In order to convert recipient data, both the new and old systems will be unavailable from
April 24 to May 11 and May 13, 1998 (see below). Recipients will not be able to receive
funds during this period, and should plan draw downs accordingly.

GAPS availability
GAPS will be available to recipients to draw down grant award funds as follows:

May 11, 1998, 8 a.m. local time: Recipients east of the Mississippi river
May 13, 1998, 8 a.m. local time: Recipients west of the Mississippi river

Recipients can request funds by connecting directly to GAPS through the Internet using
a Web browser at or by calling the Department’s customer
service hotline at 1-888-336-8930.

Conversion procedures

April 22, 1998 All final requests for ACH payments for all programs, including
Direct Loans, must be placed with the Department’s Service
Bureau (NCS) no later than 3:00 PM EST in order for the payment
to be processed prior to conversion to GAPS. NCS will not accept
ACH payment requests between 3:00 PM EST April 22, 1998 and
11:00 AM EST May 11, 1998.

April 23, 1998 FEDWIRE recipients requesting next day payments must place final
payment requests by 6:00 PM EST. No additional FEDWIRE
payments will be processed after this date.

May 11 and 13, FEDWIRE or ACH users request funds on-line by grant PR/Award
1998 Number by connecting directly to GAPS through the Internet using
(see above) a Web browser or by calling the Department’s customer service
hotline at 1-888-336-8930. Users will use current PMS ID and
password to initially log onto GAPS and will be assigned a GAPS
user ID and password at that time. These procedures are explained

May 15, 1998 A recipient Reconciliation Statement will be mailed listing all
activity for open awards as of May 1, 1998. This report should be
compared to internal records of awards and expenditures to ensure
all grant awards and expenditures were converted to GAPS
properly. A separate letter will be mailed explaining procedures
for correcting and/or updating the data.

DUNS numbers
The DUNS number is an identification number for recipients and is part of a government
wide project to use single identifiers for recipients of federal funds. Each recipient will
be required to have a DUNS number. Recipients can contact Dun and Bradstreet at
1-800-333-0505 to request a new number or to verify an existing number.

A GAPS training website is available for all recipients at
The Department of Education Payee Guide is also available at The guide will provide detailed instructions on all
GAPS processes. If your organization is not Internet capable, please call the customer
hotline at 1-888-336-8930 and a guide will be mailed.

With the implementation of GAPS, recipient reporting using 272s and other forms will be
replaced. Instead, recipients will report by ensuring the information contained in the
GAPS system, relative to draw downs by award, is accurate expenditure data.

Information in GAPS is maintained by award number. Draw downs should be determined
based on the anticipated expenditures to be made for a three day or regulatory period.
Draw downs should be adjusted periodically to reflect actual expenditures by award.
Recipients are responsible for maintaining accurate information in GAPS. This accurate
information will replace the past practice of reporting actual expenditures manually to the
Department on a periodic basis.

Customer service hotline: 1-888-336-8930
The Department has established a hotline, 1-888-336-8930, which will provide technical
assistance, answer questions, process payments, and provide any other support for
recipients. The Department welcomes your comments and suggestions through this
hotline. Additional information is available on the Department’s home page at

Thank you for your cooperation.


Donald Rappaport

cc: Project Directors

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