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Request for Computer Training Labs

PublicationDate: 6/30/97
Summary: Request for Computer Training Labs
Author: PTAS - Policy / Training / And Analysis Service


The Department of Education (ED) is seeking institutions who are willing to volunteer
their computer lab facilities for training we are now developing on electronic processes
for the aid office, such as NSLDS and Electronic Data Exchange (application processing,
Direct Loans, etc.). The training will begin in February 1998 and continue on an ongoing
basis. If you are interested, please respond to the address below with the dates you can
offer, the size of the facility (number of PC workstations), a contact person, any cost
requirements, and any additional questions you may have concerning this training.

PC Lab Requirements for 1998-99 Electronic Training:

PC lab with a local area network (LAN) with multiple PCs connected to a file server.
The following are the minimum requirements for the LAN and the networked PCs
(Recommendations beyond the minimum requirements are provided in italics):
• IBM or fully IBM-compatible PCs with 486DX2 66mhz processors
• (Recommended: IBM or fully IBM-compatible PCs with a Pentium 133mhz
processor or better)
• 16 MB total memory on each workstation
• (Recommended: 32 MB total memory)
• 300 MB of available disk space on the file server
• a 4X speed CD-ROM on the file server
• (Recommended: 8X speed (or faster) CD-ROM on the file server)
• Microsoft compatible mouse on each workstation
• Monitors and video card capable of standard VGA (640 Z480) resolution for
each workstation.
(Recommended: SVGA display with 256 colors)
• Desktop Operation System: One of the following:
1. MS Windows 3.1 or 3.11, with MS-DOS version 6.2 or higher
2. MS Windows for Workgroups 3.11, with MS-DOS version 6.2 or higher
3. MS Windows 95
4. MS Windows NT 3.51 or above
• Use of the MS-DOS memory manager, or a memory manager such as QEMM
by Quarterdeck, configured to provide maximum conventional memory (unless
using Windows 95 or Windows NT)
• Network Operating System: One of the following:
1. Novell Netware version 3.12 or higher
2. MS Windows NT 3.51 or above
3. MS LAN Manager
• 16 megabit/sec transfer rate on the network for Ethernet, or the maximum
transfer rate the typology supports.

• (Recommended: modem and phone line dialout capabilities, and Internet access)

In addition to the above, we would need the following:

High intensity overhead projector
One knowledgeable technical support person to be available for one day prior
to the first day of training and for each day of training.

Please respond to EDTRAINING@SMTP.NASFAA.Org. or FAX 202-659-4370.

William J. Ryan
Director, Training & Program Information Division

Last Modified: 08/16/1999