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Reprocessing of CPS Transactions with the Social Security Administration

PublicationDate: 10/27/98
Summary: Reprocessing of CPS Transactions with the Social Security Administration
Author: PSS - Program Systems Service

Posted October 27, 1998

TO: Financial Aid Administrators

FROM: Jeanne B. Saunders, Director
Application and Pell Processing Systems Division
Student Financial Assistance Programs

DATE: October 26, 1998

SUBJECT: Reprocessing of CPS Transactions with the Social Security Administration

As you know, the Social Security Number/Citizenship Status Match with Social Security Administration (SSA) was suspended at the Central Processing System (CPS) from September 4 to October 6, 1998. All transactions processed during the suspension did not include updated SSN and SSA-CIT match flags. Approximately 425,000 transactions were affected by the suspension

Beginning on Tuesday, October 27, these transactions will be reprocessed through regular processing, which will include all the data matches, to establish updated and complete records at the CPS. This will generate an additional/incremented transaction at the CPS. However, we will only print and send SARs to students and create and send ISIRs to schools for the reprocessed records under the following conditions:

1. SSN Match results require resolution: SSN Match Flag = 1, 2, 3 or 8 (note: SSN Match Flag 1 will also have Reject S. Match Flag 8 will either have reject 13, N or 5.)

2. SSA Citizenship results require resolution and INS Match was not conducted: SSA-CIT = B, C, D, E, F, * or N and INS Match Flag = [blank]

3. SSN Match results on previous transaction required resolution but reprocessed results are resolved: SSN Match Flag on last transaction before the reprocessing = 1, 2, 3, or 8 and reprocessed transaction SSN Match Flag = 4

4. NSLDS Match results indicate any change from the previous transaction: any field on NSLDS History Page has a # sign next to it.

The reprocessing will continue for approximately four days until all the affected records are complete. ISIR records will be available beginning on Wednesday, October 28 and will be in the following batch ranges:


Other ways to identify the reprocessed records include:

System Generated Code = "Z"
Reprocess Reason = "4"
Comment Code 172

Appropriate comments, comment codes, SAR C flag (and match flags) will be provided as usual to assist schools in determining if resolution is required. Normal procedures for resolving discrepancies on SARs/ISIRs are required on the reprocessed transactions. Therefore, if the
problem is not resolved, the school must consider the student to have been ineligible to receive any Title IV funds that were disbursed during the suspension (except for FWS earnings). The student must repay
such ineligible disbursements.

Once again we regret any inconvenience the suspension of the SSA matching program may have caused you and your students. Your patience
and cooperation are much appreciated. If you have any questions, please
contact the Customer Support Branch at 1-800-433-7327.

Last Modified: 08/16/1999