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Reprocessed ISIRs

PublicationDate: 10/2/97
Summary: Reprocessed ISIRs
Author: CPS - Central Processing System (CPS)

Posted October 2, 1997

To: All Destination Points

From: U.S. Department of Education

RE: Reprocessed ISIRs

CPS reprocessed 2,059 records on 10/2/97 for 1997-98. These transactions were
ones where students corrected a blank alien registration number to a valid number and
were not sent to the INS Match as they should have been. The INS match flags or INS
verification numbers were not provided since the INS Match was not conducted for
these records. The affected records were initially processed between August 1 and
September 22, 1997. The error has now been fixed. The reprocessed ISIRs will be
available on the TIV WAN late 10/02/97 or early 10/03. To identify these reprocessed
records, check the following ISIR fields:

Field #200, System Generated Indicator, position 896, is equal to Z

Field #199, Comment Codes, positions 836-895 will include comment code 172

Field #203, Batch Number, positions 906-922, is equal to #Y000000092997801

Field #267, Reprocessed Reason Code, positions 1454-1455, is equal to "04."

Please contact CPS Customer Service at 1(800)330-5947, option 8 or via the Internet
at CPS@NCS.COM if you have any questions.

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