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REMINDER - Special patch for EDconn32 software

PublicationDate: 4/21/99
Summary: REMINDER - Special patch for EDconn32 software
Author: TIV/WAN - Title IV Wan Customer Service

Posted April 21, 1999

TO: All Destination Points


RE: REMINDER - Special patch for EDconn32 software

DATE: April 20, 1999

****This serves as a reminder concerning the patch for EDconn32 software. If you have applied the patch you may disregard this message.****

Title IV WAN continues to experience intermittent decompression problems, therefore we are reissuing the message below to remind all customers to apply the software patch. You should follow the instructions
listed below for administering a patch to the current 3.0.1 version of the EDconnect 32-bit software.

1. Exit your EDconnect 32-bit software.
2. Open your internet browser.
3. Go to:
4. Single click on EConn32SR1.exe.
5. Select the location where you wish to download the patch to (i.e.C:then click Save.
6. Use your Windows Explorer to go to the location where you downloaded the EConn32SR1.exe, and double-click on EConn32SR1.exe.
7. The patch will unzip and a window will appear asking for the location of your EDconn32. If you installed EDconn32 to the default (c:/Program Files/EDconn32/), simply click Apply. If you installed EDconn32 to another directory (i.e. F:/EDconn32) indicate the directory and click Apply.
8. Your EDconn32 will be updated. (Note: you should receive the message, "EDconn32 Service Update installation successful").
9. Run EDconn32 normally.

If you have not installed the EDconnect 32-bit software, please print out a copy of these instructions. Attach the instructions to your gold-colored instruction sheet, which was sent to you with your software. Consider these instructions as step 4 on the sheet.

If you are unable to download this patch through an internet connection, please contact Title IV WAN customer service for a diskette containing this patch.

Please call Title IV WAN customer service if you have questions concerning this issue at 1-800-615-1189 or via electronic mail at T4WAN@NCS.COM.

Last Modified: 08/16/1999