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Region I Make-Up Session for Vermont Title IV Training

PublicationDate: 5/5/97
Summary: Region I Make-Up Session for Vermont Title IV Training
Author: PTAS - Policy / Training / And Analysis Service

SUMMARY: This letter announces a make-up session for Day Two of the 1997-98 Title IV Training
originally scheduled for Middlebury, Vermont, and includes a registration form.

Dear Colleague:

Inclement weather forced us to cancel Day Two of the Title IV
Training workshop scheduled for March 5-6 at Middlebury College,
Middlebury, Vermont. We have scheduled a make-up session for
Day Two on Thursday, May 29, at Vermont Technical College in
Randolph Center, Vermont.

Day Two consists of topics that prior-year audiences have identified
as needing continued review and practice. There will be NO NEW
sessions are aimed at individuals with a basic understanding of the
topics listed below, and are not intended to introduce the neophyte to
these areas. Financial aid office staff responsible for the functions
listed would most benefit from this information. These topics will
include a great deal of hands-on activity, such as completion of case

- Verification
Requirements and processes for verifying applicant data

- Refund and Repayment Calculations
Requirements and processes for calculating Title IV refunds and

- Pell Calculations
Requirements and processes for calculating Federal Pell Grant
awards, including treatment of summer terms and transfer students

- Loan Maximums and Proration
Requirements and processes for prorating Direct Loan and FFEL
annual loan limits; determining borrower eligibility for maximum
loan limits

You should bring a calculator for performing the case studies and a
three-ring binder for the Trainee Guide. The Guide will be
distributed at the training.

Location and Registration Information

The training will be held in Room 102 of the Conant Building,
Vermont Technical College, Randolph Center, Vermont. It will
begin at 9:00 a.m. and will adjourn at approximately 4:30 p.m.

Enclosed is a registration form to be completed and FAXed to the
number indicated on the form. YOU WILL NOT RECEIVE A
only if space is not available.

This training is free; however, participants should arrange and pay
for their own transportation, meals, and lodging.

If you have questions about the content of the training, call the
NASFAA Training Project staff at (202)785-0453. Questions
regarding the training location should be directed to Cathy
McCullough, Vermont Technical College, at (802)728-1000.

On behalf of the Student Financial Assistance Programs, we wish to
thank Vermont Technical College for making its facilities available
for this training.


William J. Ryan
Training and Program Information Division
Student Financial Assistance Programs



Day Two (Make-Up Day)
1997-98 Title IV Training
Vermont Technical College
Randolph Center, Vermont

May 29, l997

Participant's Name _____________________________

Telephone # (______) ______ - _________

Institution's Name _____________________________

Address _____________________________________


City ______________________ State ____ Zip ________

Please complete and fax this form to

(202) 401-3428

You will not receive a confirmation for this training.
We will contact you only if space is unavailable.

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