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Redesign of IFAP HomePage

PublicationDate: 5/7/99
Summary: Redesign of IFAP HomePage
Author: CSB - SFA Customer Support Branch

Dear Colleague:

Subject: Redesign of IFAP HomePage

OSFA’s Customer Support Branch is planning a "facelift" for the Information for Financial Aid Professionals (IFAP) website
( IFAP has been available for a little over a year, and we think it is time to refresh and update the site to ensure that it continues to be useful and attractive.
We'd like you, our customers, to help us redesign it. We would appreciate any feedback you have for us in the general subject areas listed below, or any other comments you may have that will help us improve IFAP:

· How can we improve IFAP?
· What items/features would you like to see remain on the Home Page?
· What items/features would you like added to the HomePage?
· Is there a particular format that you find appealing and easy to use, that we could adapt to IFAP?

Please forward your ideas to the Customer Support Branch at our email address ( or by fax (202-260-4199), if possible by Friday, May 14, 1999. Please identify your email or fax with "IFAP HomePage" as the subject. We will carefully evaluate all contributions.
We will solicit your comments again, once we've developed a new draft HomePage. Thank you, in advance, for your thoughts and ideas.

SFA Customer Support Branch
Policy, Training and Analysis Service
Office of Student Financial Assistance

Last Modified: 08/16/1999