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Reconciliation Status Codes

PublicationDate: 8/23/96
Summary: Reconciliation Status Codes
Author: DLTF - Direct Loan Task Force

To: Direct Loan Destination Points
From: DL Technical Reference Customer Service
Date: 8/23/96
Re: Reconciliation Status Codes

There are three Reconciliation Status codes which can be returned by the Direct Loan
Origination Center (DLOC) on reconciliation records. These are:

A = Accepted
L = Accepted, Not Applied (Loan Detail only)
R = Rejected

EDExpress translates A, and L to A = (A)ccepted; and R to E = (E)rror. If the DLOC
returns a Reconciliation Status code of R, the record will contain up to 3 reconciliation
reject reasons to explain why the record was rejected. If the DLOC receives a duplicate
cash detail record which was previously reconciled, a status code of 'A' will be returned
with a "reject code" of 'U'. EDExpress treats this 'AU' as an accepted record by updating
the Reconciliation Status to 'A' and ignoring the 'U' on the import edit report.

The reject reasons can be found in the Direct Loan Technical Reference Custom
Layouts/Dictionary section, page 40 (immediately after the Loan Detail Reconciliation
record layout).

The definition for the reconciliation status codes can be found in the Direct Loan
Technical Reference Custom Layouts/Dictionary section, under the Reconciliation
Status/Reject Codes entry (page 64). This entry contains 'U' as a valid status code;
however, this is incorrect. The only valid status codes are A, L, and R. This will be
corrected in the next update to the technical reference. 'U' is a considered a "reject code"
even though it indicates a duplicate accepted cash detail record.

If you have questions on the information contained in the Direct Loan Technical
Reference, please call Direct Loan Technical Reference Support at 1-800-330-5947, option
8, then option 2.

If you have questions on why the DLOC returned a particular code on a record, please
contact them at 1-800-848-0978.

Last Modified: 08/16/1999