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Recertification Information

PublicationDate: 2/26/97
Summary: Recertification Information
Author: IPOS - Institutional Participation and Oversight Service

Posted to the SFA BBS on February 26, 1997.

Dear Colleagues:

The purpose of this notice is to emphasize that all institutions must
be recertified in order to continue to be eligible for participation in
the Title IV student financial aid programs and to help identify any
institutions which may have been missed in the Department's
mailings. This is urgent because an institution's Program
Participation Agreements (PPA) will expire on July 23, 1997 unless
it has been recertified.

The Department has recently completed its recertification mailing to
more than 850 institutions. This latest mailing represents the last
cohort of recertification mailings to institutions located in the United
States and substantially completes the Department's mandate under
the Higher Education Act. Under the law all PPAs in existence on
July 23, 1992 will expire by July 23, 1997 unless the institution has
been recertified by the Department.

If the Department does not complete its review of an institution's
complete application by July 23, 1997, participation will be granted
automatically on a month-to-month basis until the institution is
notified of a recertification action , provided that the school's
recertification application is substantially complete and is received in
the Department either by April 23, 1997 or by the date specified in
the school's notice of recertification, whichever is earlier. (For
example, those schools required to submit their applications by
March 31, 1997 must do so in order to have the month-to-month
action apply.)

What to Do If Your Institution Has Not Received an Application:

If your institution has not already received an application for
recertification and either your institution's current Program
Participation Agreement (PPA) is due to expire, or you can not
make that determination because there is no expiration date on the
current PPA, contact one of the regional case team contact numbers
listed below or a Document Receipt and Control Center (DRCC )
specialist at (202) 205-1935 to request a complete application packet.

In determining the expiration date of your institution's eligibility to
participate in the Title IV programs refer to the Program
Participation Agreement (the document which is signed by the Chief
Executive Officer and countersigned on behalf of the Secretary of
Education), NOT the eligibility letter. Many older PPAs have no
expiration date; newer ones will have a date which may have passed
or will expire before July 23, 1997. These are the PPAs which need
immediate attention if you have not already submitted an application.
If we have not identified your institution by one of our mailings, it is
your responsibility to immediately request an application and submit
it no later than April 23, 1997 or Title IV funding will be

What to Do If Your Institution Has Already Submitted an
Application for Recertification or You Believe the Notice to Submit
an Application Is in Error:

If you believe your institution should not be required to submit a new
application for recertification, submit a written explanation to my
attention within 20 days to:

U. S. Department of Education
Institutional Participation and Oversight Service
P. O. Box 44805
7th & D Streets, SW
GSA Building, ROB 3, Room 3522
Washington, D. C. 20407

The Reorganization of the Institutional Participation and Oversight
Service (IPOS) Has Created Case Management Teams for the
Review of Recertification Applications

In various meetings over the past year as well as in a BBS message
in late November I described the new IPOS initiative of team-based
case management. This means that all aspects of monitoring and
oversight of schools, including audit resolution, financial analysis,
program reviews, and recertifications will be handled by teams
responsible for a portfolio of schools. A full description of this
reorganization of IPOS can also be found on the Department's Web
page (
and in the December 12th NASFAA Newsletter.

The team contacts provided below are the resources for questions
and concerns of institutions concerning recertification. These are also
the numbers to be used in contacting what was formerly the
Institutional Participation Division, Institutional Monitoring Division
and Regional Operations Division. For questions concerning initial
certification (not recertification) or changes of ownership, contact the
Initial Participation Branch of IPOS at 202 260-3270.

Future Messages

In future messages we will be providing information about common
errors in completing the application for recertification as well as
answering frequent questions about this process which have arisen
over the last months. In addition we will be providing information
about a streamlined procedure for reporting institutional changes to
the Department once the recertification process has been completed.


Marianne R. Phelps
Director, Institutional Participation and Oversight Service

Regional Case Team Contacts

Boston team - (617) 223-9338
Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Rhode Island,
and Vermont

New York team - (212) 264-4022
New Jersey, New York, Puerto Rico, and the Virgin Islands

Philadelphia team - (215) 596-0247
Delaware, the District of Columbia, Maryland, Pennsylvania,
Virginia, and West Virginia

Atlanta team - (404) 562-6315
Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Kentucky, Mississippi, North Carolina,
South Carolina, and Tennessee

Chicago team - (312) 886-8767
Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, Minnesota, Ohio, Wisconsin

Dallas team - (214) 767-3811
Arkansas, Louisiana, New Mexico, Oklahoma, Texas

Kansas City team - (816) 880-4053
Iowa, Kansas, Missouri, and Nebraska

Denver team - (303) 844-3677
Colorado, Montana, North Dakota, South Dakota, Utah, Wyoming

San Francisco team - (415) 437-8276
Arizona, California, Hawaii, Nevada, American Samoa, Guam,
Federated States of Micronesia, Palau, Marshall Islands, Northern

Seattle team - (206) 287-1770
Alaska, Idaho, Oregon, Washington

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