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PEN Debuts on the Internet

PublicationDate: 10/22/96
Summary: PEN Debuts on the Internet
Author: CSB - SFA Customer Support Branch


[[The following are excerpts from a NASFAA press release. This
information is provided as a courtesy to SFA BBS users and to our
colleagues at NASFAA, and should not be interpreted as an


NASFAA's Postsecondary Education Network (PEN) has moved to
the Internet, providing users with more options and flexibility than

THREE WAYS TO ACCESS. PEN will be based on computers
located at the NASFAA office, with leased phone lines giving a
direct connection to the Internet. You will be able to connect to PEN
in three ways: directly via the Internet using telnet (TCP/IP), either
through your campus's direct connection or by using a modem to
access an Internet provider; by dialing directly the PEN BBS using a
modem, or by dialing toll-free into the Department of Education and
using its Internet gateway. World Wide Web access will be available
in spring 1996.

FAMILIAR SOFTWARE. PEN will use the same software that the
Department of Education is using for its SFA BBS; thus, if you are
already familiar with SFA BBS, you'll also know how to use the new
PEN. Using communications software provided at no cost by
NASFAA, you'll be able to use a graphical interface with PEN under
Windows. The software supports both access by modem and by
telnet (tcp/ip). While DOS access is possible, Windows is strongly
recommended for ease of use.

NEW FLEXIBILITY. One new option will be to let subscribers
access much of PEN without leaving e-mail! A daily summary of
what's new on PEN will be sent to subscribers via e-mail. Users will
decide for which items they need the full text, then send a brief e-
mail message to PEN. The requested articles will then be delivered
automatically to their e-mail address.

For more information on PEN, contact NASFAA at 202-785-0453,
202-785-1487 fax, or at the e-mail address

[[For a copy of the entire press release, please contact NASFAA at
the numbers listed above.]]

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