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Pell Payment for Windows Configuration

PublicationDate: 10/21/97
Summary: Pell Payment for Windows Configuration
Author: CPS - Central Processing System (CPS)

Posted October 21, 1997

To: All Pell Payment for Windows Users

From: CPS Customer Service

RE: 1997-98 Pell Payment for Windows Configuration Management Issues

In the 1997-98 Pell Payment for Windows software, there is an additional known issue
not included in version 2.1. The following describes the issue and the associated

Using Regenerate and/or Reset for a batch in Pell Payment for Windows 2.1, MAY
result in having duplicate batch sequence numbers. This will cause your import batch
summary report to have an incorrect Pell batch ID number and all your
File/Print/Batch Summary reports to combine the totals from duplicate batch sequence
numbers. You can still obtain the correct Pell batch ID numbers from the Student
Summary Report and use this number to print other reports correctly.

Workaround: If you notice, when exporting, that you now have duplicate batch
sequence numbers, you can edit the PCON98 import file sent back from Pell to reflect
the correct batch sequence number sequentially.

How to edit file:


2) Go to your MS-DOS Editor, switch to your imported data directory, and type "Edit
PCON98OP.***" --- where "***" is the extension number of the file you received
from Pell. NOTE: If you have not imported the file, "OP" will follow "98" in the file
name; if you have already imported the file once, "BK" will follow the "98" in the file

3) Go to positions 97 through 100. NOTE: Be sure to activate insert mode by pressing
the INSERT button so you do not add additional bytes to your file size.

4) Type over the incorrect sequence number with the correct sequence number. For
example, if this is the second batch with a batch sequence number of 0003, then
replace 0003 in positions 97 through 100 with 0004. This must be done on all student
records in file.

5) Save the corrected file, exit MS-DOS editor and prompt.

6) Import corrected file into Pell Payment for Windows.

If you have more than one PCON batch that needs to be edited, start editing with the
earliest batch and up your sequence numbers sequentially each time. Once all PCON
batches have been edited and reimported, export your next batch as normal --- the Pell
Payment for Windows software should assign the next highest batch sequence number
from your Status of Batches. For example, if the last of a series of edited PCON files
you import has a batch sequence number of 0010, then your next export batch should
have a batch sequence number of 0011.

We are sorry for any inconveniences these issues may have caused for you. If you
have any questions, please contact Pell Payment Customer Service at
1-800-330-5947, option 4, or via email at CPS@NCS.COM.

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