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Pell Payment for Windows 1997-98 Software, Version 2.1

PublicationDate: 8/5/97
Summary: Pell Payment for Windows 1997-98 Software, Version 2.1
Author: CPS - Central Processing System (CPS)

TO: All EDE Destination Points
FROM: CPS Customer Service
RE: Pell Payment for Windows 1997-98 software, Version 2.1

Distribution of Pell Payment for Windows version 2.1 to all EDE
destination points will begin on August 8, 1997, and will be
completed by August 18, 1997.

There are four primary configuration management issues version 2.1
will resolve:

CM# 856 The software will now pre-fill the following fields during
the PREQ98IN export process: Cost of Attendance,
Amount Paid to Date, Remaining Amount to be Paid,
Number of Future Payments, Weeks Used to Calculate
Payment, Hours/Credits Paid from Year, Hours/Credits
in Program Academic Year, and Weeks in Program
Academic Year. The previous version did not completely
fill the above fields with leading zeroes on the individual
payment records and as a result the records would have
been either rejected for invalid field content or accepted
with assumptions by the Pell Grant Processor.

CM# 847 The software will successfully import a PCOY98OP file
without generating an internal application error that
forces users to close and reopen the software and then
clear the record locks database.

CM# 893 The batch sequence number will now be exported in the
header record of the PREQ98IN file to ensure accurate
reporting and batch tracking.

CM# 896 The software will no longer cause a General Protection
Fault error when 100 or more ISIRs are selected for
import via the choose selected records option.

If you have any questions, please contact CPS Customer Service at
1-800-330-5947, option 4, or via e-mail at CPS@NCS.COM.

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