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Password Expiration Date Change

PublicationDate: 2/9/98
Summary: Password Expiration Date Change
Author: TIV/WAN - Title IV Wan Customer Service


FROM: TIVWAN Customer Service

RE: Password Expiration Date Change

DATE: February 5, 1998

The Department is continually seeking new ways to improve its services to you, our
customer. One issue that we have heard routinely from you is the burden caused by the
current 30 day expiration period for TIVWAN userids. Therefore, after conducting
research to confirm that security protection is not compromised, the Department is
pleased to announce that the expiration date is being extended to 120 days for our
users of the windows version of EDconnect. This change went into effect
automatically on Monday Feb. 2, 1998 on the network. To determine your new
password expiration date, check the profile screen after your next successful
connection to the network.

Unfortunately, in order to manage our costs and better serve the majority of our
customers, we will not be modifying the DOS version of EDconnect. This means that
those users will need to move to the windows version, or continue to have a 30 day
expiration period for their TIVWAN userid.

We hope you will all benefit greatly from this change.

Last Modified: 08/16/1999