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NSLDS SSCR Revised Error Edits

PublicationDate: 6/2/99
Summary: NSLDS SSCR Revised Error Edits
Author: NSLDS - National Student Loan Data System

Posted on June 2, 1999

TO: Schools Participating in Title IV Aid Programs

FROM: U.S. Department of Education

SUBJECT: NSLDS SSCR Revised Error Edits

Listed below are the revised NSLDS SSCR error codes which became effective June 1, 1999. Completion of address fields is no longer required:

Code Error Status

11 No Detail Record matches the record identifiers (Student's First Name, Date of Student's Birth) in NSLDS, or invalid sequence number. Research record(s) online.
13 Invalid Date of Student's Birth.
15 Invalid Date of Anticipated Completion.
16 Anticipated Completion Date cannot be greater than ten years after Certification Date.
19 Missing Code for Enrollment Status.
20 Invalid Code for Enrollment Status.
21 Invalid Date Enrollment Status Effective.
22 Enrollment Status of X and /or Z cannot be reported if enrollment history at the school exists.
23 Missing Date of Enrollment Status Effective; mandatory when Code for Enrollment Status is not equal to “D” for Deceased.
24 Record was on Roster file and not updated by School.
25 Anticipated Completion date must equal Date Enrollment Status Effective when Enrollment Status Code = G.
26 Anticipated Completion date must be greater that Certification Date when Enrollment Status
Code = A, F, H, or L.
28 New Student Date of birth is invalid date.
29 New Student Date of birth must be before date of roster creation.
30 Certification Date must be greater than or equal to date enrollment status effective date.
31 Attempted to add an ad hoc student but the student was not found in the database.
32 Student status could not be applied as current due to a reporting/history violation. Use Past Enrollment Change on-line screens.
33 Anticipated Completion Date must be greater than or equal to Date Enrollment Status Effective.
34 Enrollment Status Effective Date cannot equal Certification Date if the Enrollment Status has not changed for F, H, or A.
35 Certification Date cannot be more than 120 days after Enrollment Status Effective Date for Enrollment Status of A.

If you have any questions concerning these Error codes, please call the NSLDS Customer Service Center at 1-800-999-8219, during the hours of 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. Eastern Time, Monday through Friday, except Federal Holidays.



Last Modified: 08/16/1999