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NSLDS SSCR Reporting Dates

PublicationDate: 6/24/96
Summary: NSLDS SSCR Reporting Dates
Author: NSLDS - National Student Loan Data System

June 24, 1996

NSLDS SSCR Reporting Dates

Because of a number of technical and processing difficulties,
many schools have either not yet received their input SSCR from
NSLDS or have not had sufficient time to process it for
submission by July 15, 1996.

Because of these problems the Deputy Assistant Secretary for
Student Financial Assistance has approved the following new NSLDS
SSCR submission dates:

Submission of Practice Files:

Direct Loan Schools - August 15, 1996
FFELP Schools - October 15, 1996

Full (mandatory) NSLDS SSCR Processing:

All Schools - February 1997

A comprehensive letter to the Title IV community will be released
soon by the Department.

For additional NSLDS SSCR assistance, you may contact the NSLDS
Customer Service Center at 1-800-999-8219.

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