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NSLDS SSCR Mandatory Implementation Update

PublicationDate: 1/16/97
Summary: NSLDS SSCR Mandatory Implementation Update
Author: ODAS - Office of the Deputy Assistant Secretary - SFA

January 16, 1997

TO: Schools Participating in Title IV Aid Programs

FROM: U. S. Department of Education

SUBJECT: NSLDS SSCR Mandatory Implementation Update

The next round of Student Status Confirmation Rosters (SSCRs) will begin
the last week of February. At that time, NSLDS will use the schools' individual
SSCR schedules. Any school scheduled for a March SSCR will receive one on or about
March 1. All schools should check their SSCR schedule via the NSLDS on-line
screens to determine when to expect their next roster. The rosters generated for
the March cycle and all subsequent ones will be "full production" rosters, and
thus are due back to NSLDS within 30 days of receipt.

Schools that successfully completed the first roster sent to them by NSLDS, the
so-called "practice" roster, will receive a letter in late February thanking them
for their efforts and exempting them from responding to subsequent Guarantee Agency
produced SSCRs. Successful completion is defined as accurately returning to NSLDS
at least 90% of the "practice" roster records by February 15, 1997. Schools
that do not achieve such a successful completion of the "practice" roster by
February 15 will be required to continue completing all Guarantee Agency rosters
they receive in addition to their next scheduled NSLDS rosters. A list of schools
that succeeded with their "practice" roster will be reported to all GAs.

NSLDS will stop generating new "practice" rosters (i.e., for schools that have only
recently completed Participation Agreements) on January 20. In addition,
NSLDS will cease processing "practice" rosters returned to NSLDS by schools,
effective February 15.

A Dear Colleague Letter regarding this onset of full production of SSCRs is being
prepared now and will be distributed soon.

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