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NSLDS SSCR Implementation Update

PublicationDate: 3/10/97
Summary: NSLDS SSCR Implementation Update
Author: OPE - Office of the Assistant Secretary for OPE

March 10, 1997

TO: Schools Participating in Title IV Aid Programs

FROM: U. S. Department of Education

SUBJECT: NSLDS SSCR Implementation Update

This message is to respond to commonly asked questions concerning
the NSLDS SSCR electronic file.

Schools that received their March rosters have 30 days to
complete and return the file. When you return the file, please
ensure the following:

. Return all students on the file.
. Verify and complete addresses for all students.

This roster contains all currently enrolled students, students
who have withdrawn within the last 180 days (less if the loan
holder has already changed the student's loan status), and
students with Z enrollment codes if that code is supplied by the
loan holder.

Some schools have student records that do not meet the above
criteria. This may occur for several reasons, including:

1. The practice roster was submitted but could not be
processed by NSLDS due to unrecognizable file formats.
Consequently, it will appear that no previously submitted changes
were made.

2. The school used improper codes when reporting previously
enrolled students.

3. There is conflicting enrollment data between the school and
the loan holder. During the initial start-up phase, the loan
holders that received enrollment information may not have been
able to apply the school's enrollment data in a timely enough
manner to avoid these conflicts. We expect that this situation
will quickly be resolved now that the SSCR process is in full

A small number (est. at less than 5% overall) of newly made
Direct Loans are not on the rosters. Schools may have students
who are not on the roster but who have experienced a change in
status. Schools should add these students to the roster. ED is
identifying corrective actions in this area and will share these
with you soon.

Once a new SSCR file has been generated, NSLDS cannot process
submissions relating to previously generated SSCR rosters.
Consequently, if you did not complete the practice file or the
error file, and you have a March SSCR, you should submit only
responses to the March SSCR. Files pertaining to the practice
SSCR will be rejected.

If you are using a servicer, you may want to confirm SSCR
participation. This is particularly important, as it is the
school's responsibility to ensure SSCR compliance.

If you are using EDExpress, please remember to clear your
database prior to importing the new roster. If you have
questions about using EDExpress, please contact EDExpress
Customer Service at (800)330-5947.

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