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Notice to Attendees at Reauthorization Training

PublicationDate: 3/23/99
Summary: Notice to Attendees at Reauthorization Training

Posted on March 23, 1999
Notice to Attendees at Reauthorization Training

The ongoing Negotiated Rulemaking process may prevent us from answering all your questions.

Our “Spring Training ‘99” workshops will take place in April through June. They will include a one-day review of key features of the recently enacted amendments to the Higher Education Act. Although we may not be able to answer all your questions because some of these issues are still being discussed in the ongoing Negotiated Rulemaking sessions, we believe that you’ll find these workshops useful.

We will answer your questions as soon as we are able.

The Negotiated Rulemaking process will continue through the end of May. We will post any information that comes out of the process on the IFAP website ( as soon as it becomes available.

We appreciate your patience during this interim period and hope to see you at “Spring Training ‘99”.

William J. Ryan, Chief
Training and Program Information Division
Policy, Training and Analysis Service

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