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Mailing Status on 1997-98 Renewal Applications

PublicationDate: 1/6/97
Summary: Mailing Status on 1997-98 Renewal Applications
Author: OPE - Office of the Assistant Secretary for OPE

Posted January 6, 1997

Date: January 3, 1997
TO : All EDE Destination Points
FROM: Betsy Hicks
Deputy Assistant Secretary, SFAP
RE: Mailing Status on 1997-98 Renewal Applications

On December 19, 1996, the Department transmitted a message to EDE destination points
via the Title IV Wide Area Network. That message notified institutions that the Central
Processing System (CPS) had sent 93,000 Renewal Applications for 1997-98 with
incorrect institution codes and missing parent information. These erroneous Renewal
Applications had been mailed to students whose permanent address zip code range was
between 97000 and 97900. This included the states of Oregon and Idaho. The CPS sent
each affected student a letter telling them a corrected Renewal Application would be
mailed to them. The letter further recommended that students with questions call the
Federal Student Aid Information Center at (800) 4FED-AID. The CPS corrected the
Renewal Applications and began printing on December 20 and mailed these on
December 23. The electronic and bulk-printed Renewal Application data requested by
schools contained the correct institution codes and parent data which appear on the
Renewal Application database.

As an update, as noted above, the CPS began mailing 1997-98 Renewal Applications
directly to students on December 23, 1996. The mailing this year is being done in reverse
zip code order, starting with the west coast. As of January 3, 1997, the CPS is still mailing
to students west of Colorado, including those with California, Idaho and Montana zip
codes. The CPS is mailing between 350,000 and 400,000 Renewal applications per day
and has mailed approximately 2.6 million of the more than 7 million renewal applications
that will be mailed for this processing cycle. We estimate that the mailing will be
completed by January 20, 1997.

If you have further questions on this process, please contact CPS Customer Service at
(800) 330-5947, option 8, then option 1.

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