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Items posted to IFAP during the week of June 14, 1999

PublicationDate: 6/21/99
Summary: Items posted to IFAP during the week of June 14, 1999
Author: CSB - SFA Customer Support Branch

June 14 - June 18, 1999. IFAP Postings. The Customer Support Branch (CSB) posted the following Documents/Letters/Regulations/Announcements to the Information for Financial Aid Professionals (IFAP) web page:


-June 18: Student Financial Aid Year 2000 Project Status As of 18 June, 1999

-June 16: Update on the Recipient and Financial Management System (RFMS)


-June 1999: GEN-99-16: SUMMARY: This letter announces that the provision of the HEA related to student eligibility for Title IV financial aid due to drug convictions will not become effective until July 1, 2000.

-June 15, 1999: ANN-99-06: The Department of Education is pleased to announce Direct Loan Consolidation training dates, locations, and how to register.

-June 11, 1999: Disaster Letter-99-26 (JUN) Tornadoes in Texas.

-June 11, 1999: Disaster Letter-99-25 (JUN) Tornadoes in Kansas.

-June 11, 1999: Disaster Letter-99-24 (JUN) Severe weather in Colorado.

-June 11, 1999: Disaster Letter-99-23 (JUN) Severe weather in Iowa.

-June 11, 1999: Disaster Letter-99-22 (JUN) Flood in Missouri.


-June 1999: DLB 99-36: Subject: Reduction in the Loan Origination Fee for Direct Loan Borrowers

-June 1999: DLB 99-35: Subject: Direct Loan Consolidation Training


-June 16, 1999: FR Part : IV: FR Type: Notice of Proposed Rulemaking (NPRM): Comment Due Date: July 07/30/99, 1999: SUMMARY: The Secretary proposes to amend the regulations governing the William D. Ford Federal Direct Loan (Direct Loan) Program. These amendments are a result of recently enacted changes to the Higher Education Act of 1965 (HEA) made by the Higher Education Amendments of 1998 (1998 Amendments). The proposed regulations would amend the current regulations to: remove references to the phase-in of the Direct Loan Program, update the loan interest rate formulas, and reflect the Secretary's authority to charge reduced loan fees on Direct Subsidized and Direct Unsubsidized Loans and to charge reduced interest rates to encourage on-time loan repayment. Page Numbers: 32357-32362

-June 15, 1999: FR Type: Notice; Correction: Summary : Notice of Corrections to document 99-13767 issued Tuesday June 1, 1999. Page Numbers: 32103

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