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Items Posted on IFAP during the Week of 03/21/1999

PublicationDate: 3/29/99
Summary: Items Posted on IFAP during the Week of 03/21/1999
Author: CSB - SFA Customer Support Branch

We are pleased to provide the fifth weekly summary of the latest additions to the IFAP website. The following items were posted on IFAP during the week of March 22, 1999:


- March 1999: DLB 99-15: Guidance on Processing Master Promissory Notes in EDExpress


- March 22, 1999: Items Posted to IFAP Week of March 14, 1999

- March 22, 1999: Inside SFA: SFA Scores Hat Trick in First Quarter

- March 22, 1999: Training Announcement: NSLDS training for Puerto Rico schools

- March 23, 1999: Training Announcement: Notice to Attendees at Reauthorization Training

- March 25, 1999: Pell Grant Payment Processing: Incorrect Telephone Number for the Pell Grant Hotline


- March 22, 1999: FR Type: Notice: Summary : The Office of Higher Education Programs invites interested individuals to apply to serve as field readers evaluating grant applications submitted for funding in fiscal year 1999 for the Teacher Quality Enhancement Grants for States and Partnerships Program. This program includes three new competitive grant programs that, together, are intended to improve teacher quality in America by effectively addressing the Nation's need to recruit and prepare teachers who have the skills and content knowledge needed to teach all children to high academic standards. The three programs include--State Grants to support the implementation of comprehensive statewide reforms to improve teacher quality, Partnership Grants to bring about fundamental change and improvement in traditional teacher education programs, and Teacher Recruitment Grants to reduce shortages of qualified teachers in high-need school districts. Page Numbers: 13789-13790

All of these items can be accessed via the "Bookshelf" page on IFAP.

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