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ISIRs Missing Housing Codes

PublicationDate: 2/2/99
Summary: ISIRs Missing Housing Codes
Author: CPS - Central Processing System (CPS)

Posted February 2, 1999

To: All EDE Destination Points
From: Central Processing System
Re: ISIRs Missing Housing Codes

A problem has been identified on the ISIRs generated by the first three CPS processing dates for 1999-2000: 1/19/99, 1/20/99, and 1/21/99. The housing codes reported by applicants on FAFSAs or Renewal Applications were put on the SARs and the CPS database, but not on the ISIRs.

Those destination points who DO NOT need or want CPS to send them revised ISIRs with the housing codes for these three processing dates DO NOT NEED to take any action and can disregard the rest of this message.

Those destination points who DO need or want CPS to send them revised ISIRs with the housing codes for these three processing dates need to take the following actions:

1. Call or email CPS Customer Service (at 1-800-330-5947 or at CPS@NCS.COM) to request a YTD file for the 3 processing dates affected. The CPS customer service representative will submit the YTD request for you. You will not be charged for the phone call or email, or the YTD file. We are requesting that you call or e-mail us by February 26, 1999.

2. CPS will process YTD requests daily to create a YTD file containing all ISIRs generated for your destination point on the three affected dates. We will transmit the data to you, within 24 hours, via Title IV WAN in the YTD message class - YTDO00OP for schools, and YTFR00OP or YTDN00OP for state agencies. This file will contain ISIRs that include the housing code for the applicants.

3a. The transaction number and all other data on the revised ISIRs will be identical to the incorrect ISIRs, except for the housing codes. If you do not use EDExpress, you will need to determine how to remove the incorrect ISIRs from your system and replace them with these revised ISIRs.

3b. If you use EDExpress and have already imported the incorrect ISIRs into EDExpress you will need to delete those before importing the new records. The following procedures explain how to first delete the incorrect ISIRs and then import the revised ISIRs:


1. After accessing EDExpress, identify the batch number(s) associated with these incorrect ISIRs by selecting TOOLS, BROWSE, APP EXPRESS.

2. Find the batch date field by scrolling to the right in the Batch Activity screen. Look for batch dates of 1/19/99, 1/20/99, and 1/21/99 (you may or may not have received a batch each day). Write down the batch numbers.*

3. Click on FILE; select DELETE; and then APP EXPRESS.

4. Confirm the RECORD TYPE is ISIR and click OK.

5. On the SELECTION CRITERIA window, click on the ellipsis button beside the QUERY TITLE line and click OK.

6. On the QUERY GRID, click on BATCH NUMBER and click OK.

7. On the SELECTION CRITERIA window, click OK again.

8. On the PARAMETER QUERY window, type the batch number in the FIELD VALUE field.*

9. Repeat steps 3 to 8 for each batch number found in step #2.

* If you do not want to manually type in the batch number later, follow these steps to easily populate the batch number field value.

1. From the Tools menu, choose Browse and then App Express. On the grid that pops up you will find a list of batch numbers.

2. Click into the batch number field of the batch you want to delete and then hold the CTRL key down while typing the C. This copies your batch number to the clipboard.

3. Follow the delete process described above and paste this copied batch number into the field value box on the PARAMETER QUERY ENTRY window by putting your cursor in the field value box and holding down the CTRL key while striking the V key. This copy and paste operation should make your delete by batch number more efficient.


1. Download the YTD file from Title IV WAN and access EDExpress.

2. Go to FILE and then IMPORT. Choose APP EXPRESS.


4. Click on FILE button under IMPORT FROM:

5. Change the file name to YT*.* and click OPEN. (This will select the YTD message class file name.)

6. Select the appropriate report destination (SCREEN, FILE, or PRINTER)


8. Click OK. You will see a progress bar. The data is being imported. You may now close the IN PROGRESS window by clicking on OK.

We regret the inconvenience this may cause you. If you have any questions regarding this, please contact CPS Customer Service at 1-800-330-5947, option 2. You will not be charged for calls relating to this issue.

Last Modified: 08/16/1999