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Institutional Default Prevention System (IDPS) Software.

PublicationDate: 3/2/96
Summary: Institutional Default Prevention System (IDPS) Software.
Author: CSB - SFA Customer Support Branch

The Institutional Default Prevention System (IDPS) for Windows
Software is now available for downloading from the SFA BBS. This
new entry can be found under the Program Areas/Title IV - SFA
Programs/Institutional Participation and Oversight Service and under
Program Areas/SFA Developed Software.

The Institutional Default Prevention System (IDPS) is a software
product developed by the Department of Education to help schools
track student loan borrowers. Schools can use IDPS to:

- maintain up-to-date information about each borrower while the
borrower is in school
- maintain "most current" information about the borrower after
he/she has left school
- print reminder letters for borrowers
- print a variety of reports showing borrower, loan, and student data
- identify borrowers who may require special attention

Schools can use IDPS to track the status of any student loan borrower,
including borrowers under the Stafford, PLUS, SLS, Perkins, Direct
Loan, or other Federal loan programs.

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