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Group Security Access to Direct Loans

PublicationDate: 8/23/96
Summary: Group Security Access to Direct Loans
Author: DLTF - Direct Loan Task Force

To: Direct Loan Destination Points
From: DL Technical Customer Service
Date: 8/23/96
Re: Group Security Access to Direct Loans

(323) If you access and change any element within Tools | Setup | Global | Group
Security in version 2.4 of EDExpress, you will not be able to restrict access to the Direct
Loan module of the software without completely shutting off the access to the module.

If you allow users access to only certain pieces of the Direct Loan module in your Group
Security setups for Direct Loan, we recommend you not modify any security until the
next release of the software.

If you have already modified Group Security for any reason and have users who were
able to access certain portions of the DL module but now can't, you will need to allow
them full access to the entire Direct Loan module.

Please contact DL Technical Customer Service at 1-800-330-5947, option 3 if you have
additional questions.

Last Modified: 08/16/1999