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Files modifying printer output

PublicationDate: 8/22/96
Summary: Files modifying printer output
Author: DLTF - Direct Loan Task Force

To: Direct Loan Destination Points
From: DL Technical Customer Service
Date: 8/22/96
Re: Files modifying printer output

On 8/6/96, a network message was sent regarding Direct Loan software/specification
information. Item #3 addressed the stafford.pos and plus.pos files for modifying output
to printer for printing promissory notes. Please note that in each file, where it refers to
the X coordinate, X is between 1 and 80 and, where it refers to the Y coordinate, Y is
between 1 and 60. The documentation in the files currently has this reversed.

Also, please make a backup copy of these files prior to modifying them. This will allow
you to revert back to the default setup should you need to.

If you have any questions regarding this issue, please call CPS/DL Customer Service at
1-800-330-5947, option 3.

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