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ED's Supply of 1996-97 Student Guides Exhausted

PublicationDate: 9/1/96
Summary: ED's Supply of 1996-97 Student Guides Exhausted
Author: PTAS - Policy / Training / And Analysis Service

The Department has exhausted its supply of 9 million 1996-97 Student Guides and will
now fill orders from postsecondary schools with copies of a similar publication entitled
"Funding Your Education." The following letter is being sent to all schools who have
recently ordered Student Guides:

September 1996

Dear Colleague,

Thank you for your recent order of 1996-97 Student Guides. We have exhausted our
supply of this publication. However, we still have remaining copies of Funding Your
Education, a shorter publication that is very similar in design and content. (Funding
Your Education was distributed to high schools this year, as an entry-level version of
the Student Guide.)

Because the new version of the Student Guide will be available this fall, we have chosen
not to reprint the 1996-97 edition, but will instead fill your order with Funding Your
Education. We regret any inconvenience this may cause, but we believe that Funding
Your Education will meet most of the information needs of your students.

You will be able to order the 1997-98 version of the Student Guide in September, and we
expect the Guide to be printed and distributed in November. When ordering the Guide,
please limit your order to no more than the number of student aid applicants whom you
expect to enroll at your institution.

We printed 9 million copies of the 1996-97 Student Guide for postsecondary use, and we
expect to print the same number of copies for 1997-98. We believe that 9 million copies is
a reasonable and sufficient quantity of Guides to distribute to postsecondary student
aid applicants. Please bear in mind that we are also distributing 4 million copies of
Funding Your Education to high school seniors who are considering postsecondary

We will need the continued assistance and cooperation of all postsecondary schools to
reduce duplicative distributions, so that we can continue to offer these free materials to
students who need financial assistance to continue their education.


William J. Ryan
Director, Training and
Program Information Division

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